Need different psychic advise

  • Can any psychic help me?

    Sagittarius 9 dec 1962 4.40 pm.

    My life is stuck for several years now. I have a job which is ok, but the money is not ok.

    It's been awhile that I have this thought about taken professional relaxation therapist course or a

    professional stress management consultant course. And when I'm done to look for a job in that direction. Do you see me getting that job or any new job? Also for next year I'm thinking about to take a vacation overseas, to visit a holistic retreat center. To learn yoga, relax. meditate etc. for a month. do you think it's a good idea?

    Also, do you see me getting a new man in my life? And when, where, color etc.

    Hope to hear from you all soon, THANK YOU

  • Pinky, 2014 is a year for taking independent action, not sitting around thinking and dreaming about things. 2015 will be a much slower year and will focus on relationships so you need to put your life goals and plans into action NOW! But be calm, patient and realistic in your approach. Learning to relax more and release your anger is a great idea at any time so do go for the meditation and/or yoga class. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding yourself with the colour blue will also help you to be more in control of your emotions. Calming your emotional intensity in response to any challenge you meet is crucial for your own psychological growth, as well as for your own chances of both professional and personal success. Developing strong self-confidence and self-belief is crucial because you are a born leader, meant to be in the limelight. You are progressive, romantic, and dynamic. You have a powerful urge to make important and inspirational contributions to the world and, with your imaginative mind, fixity of purpose and adventurous spirit, you possess outstanding pioneering potential. You need to find practical and realistic ways to achieve what you want; if you don’t, your dreams of progress and adventure will never move beyond the planning stage. At this point in your life, you are probably feeling a desire to be more independent and to express your own individuality.

    Careerwise, you have a very fertile imagination and you may find yourself drawn to the political or scientific spheres, or to artistic media such as music, writing, literature, or drama. You love to express your own ideas, so you may also be drawn to education, law, business, journalism, social reform, and the world of entertainment. You need a job with plenty of variety since routine and responsibilities are not for you. You need the freedom to travel and explore different experiences in work, love and life.

    Go for it and don't hold yourself back!

  • Thank you Captain

  • Hi Captain, greetings from the Caribbean.

    You said I may also drawn to education. Does it have to do to the direction I want to go?

    Become professional relaxation therapist or a professional stress management consultant ?

    You are right. I have so many plans in my head. But I never do something with them. It's lack of confidence, motivation, and money.

    For 9 years I'm like this. STUCK!

    I used to go out dancing, happy hour, socialize. I don't do that anymore, because lack of money.

    I would rather buy food to keep me alive.

    That's how boring my life is.

  • Yes I feel the education is about becoming a professional consultant/therapist. If you could, I can see how one course would benefit the other. Are they expensive courses?

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