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  • Hi Nick ~ I wonder if you might be able to pick up on a friend of mine from fourty years ago. We just ran into eachother about a week ago. We talked for a long time & it seemed there was so much more to say. I would love to know how he felt when he left. Im just hoping he went away feeling good as it was so great to see him. Thank you! Love & Blessings ~D

  • dmick59,

    One of my quirks of being a reader is I will gladly do a reading for the person who asks, but I don't like doing the reading for the peripheral person. I could pick up on their feelings but that would be like prying on them if they didn't want it. I use the reading as a message to the person who asks to help them. If you would like a reading I would gladly give you one.


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  • OK, I'll try tonight some time. I'll pick up on what ever you are feeling most strongly about...till later then.


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  • hi dmick59

    something is not solid, it’s like you want happiness but you don't see it

    something is missing or a loss

    there has been some anxiety...then a breath...like OK I can deal with this...

    that will allow you to be open to something new

    don't forget who you are that you are good and kind...you can do what you need too

    again it is saying it’s OK to take that breath...let things go and put your foot forward and start toward that next goal

    you will make things happen

    you have been worrying about a new beginning...it’s OK to start, let the anxiety go

    you have someone watching out for you...

    things will work themselves out

    you will have some success and be able to pursue what you need too

    Hope that helps,


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  • The person is a woman, nice, warm and caring...

    the one card was to remind you of who you are...it was like a nice warm feeling...meaning you are nice and kind...Start there and build out, trust in you, and then you can take one step then another...there's a Disney song buried in there...hahaha...you will be fine


  • dmick59

    I was drawn here and now I know why.........I answered your "dream" post request and it is relative to this request. There is a connection. The core of both requests ask of you to go inward for answers BUT not to get stuck in your head. You need a balance. Also, you want validation that you fear you get lost in fantasy.....you know that on a good day yet do not wish to give it up. That is normal, no one finds the coping success of fears easy to end. Usually, the coping habit is learned in early childhood and eventually becomes a silent part of us....the shadow of us. We lose awareness of it. Comes a time in our adult life when we are strong enough to surrender to our fears....find out they will not kill us....and we heal. Most people are ready around 50....if their childhoods were very difficult. If they have safety or abandonment issues. Issues of trust. Often it is a slow process all along, getting ready for the final step. Spirit says....you must give something up that will not be easy but "this too shall pass". You know what you must do. Trust in your guidance. Trust in your awareness and not your neediness. The old friend hookup is easily in your awareness.....you can get that on your own...but not if your need gets in the way.. If you can get that,,,,you will be on a more empowered path. You must be your TRUTH...your real self without need to Please. You will know if someone gives a negative vibe if your not too busy needing to be worthy. If you are a pleaser you invent too many people you are not and yes lose who you really are. Rejection is not all bad....it is the fastest way to move on and flock with those who keep us REAL! BLESSINGS!

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