Hi Captain Again

  • Hi Captain!!

    I had to delay my training until next week. I had to go out of town for work...always seems something comes up. Anyway, I think things are finally going well for my wife and I. I want kids but she is holding off until we make more money. I dont want to wait too long bc we are older. Do you see our marriage and life together working out? Di you see anything good, bad and/or ugly? Her bday is 3.20.78. I finally feel happy again. I know she worrie about everything and wants to be sure we can afford kids. We do fine, but she worries about money always. It is nice to talk to you a out normal stuff and not health 🙂 Thanks again and hope you are well.

  • Honestly I feel this marriage only works without too many power struggles because you both live individual lives and have separate activities. Having a child together may just break the uneasy stability by forcing you too close together. I don't feel your wife really wants to have a child either and is making excuses. I sense she is not very happy at the moment. For you, your career will always be the priority of your life.

  • Great. Thanks. Hope you are doing well.

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