Could Anyone do a Love Reading please?

  • Hello to anyone kind enough to take the time to read this. I met a man on he internet (cliche I know), about four years ago. To be honest, I was working through allot of issues and did not really take the situation too seriously. It was just someone to talk to and chat with. We lost touch for a little while, but over the last few moths have connected like I have never allowed myself before. We are ready to move things to the next level. I was wondering if anyone would mind conducting a reading for me. My birthday is 9/29/80 and his is 3/29/80. If you need anymore info, I will be glad to provide it. Thank you for your time.

  • Of course, you have the final decision VenusStorm but I can tell you that astrologically you two are exact opposites, and while opposites do attract, if you don't have anything in common, the relationship won't last. Conflict, within and outside of the relationship, can result from this opposition and together the two of you may adopt an extremely aggressive stance toward the world. Of course, conflict and passion are the two sides of the one coin here - this pairing can include a magnetic physical attraction. In short, you will have a catalytic effect on each other. Such explosiveness doesn't augur well for a long-term relationship where stability is so important over the long haul. A particular bone of contention for your friend is his dislike of criticism - he is a natural, spontaneous person who cannot handle constant scrutiny and judgment. You meanwhile can't always help being critical since you feel it is helpful. You also like to keep your emotions under control and may be disturbed by your friend's honest emotional expressions and periodic spontaneous outbursts. In this respect, you may be unconsciously reacting against traits you secretly desire, since in some ways your friend is a living model for what you most need to cultivate - a frank open approach to the world that will allow you a release of your inner tensions and insecurities. If the relationship develops and feelings emerge, you will be able to see what you view as his problems more clearly. You will want to get in there and fix what's wrong. This your friend will not abide. But he may make mistakes too, in passing moral judgment on what he sees as incorrect behaviour on your part. Thus the relationship can become a swirling vortex of feelings, both positive and negative. Together you will crave action and excitement and you may gear the relationship around physical activities (yes, in the bedroom too), drama, adventure, sports, or social groups and clubs. However together your saturation point for socializing will be low and you two will often find it necessary to withdraw and find a quiet place. Basically your friend is the child and you are the perfectionist in this relationship. You are both passionate and fiercely individualistic people, and this can be a match made in heaven - or hell! So steady as you go...and remember that forewarned is forearmed.

    Individually, you are your friend have somewhat different love styles.

    In love your friend, though normally genuine and open, may have trouble asserting himself and may keep his complaints about a relationship to himself, letting them fester inside until one day he explodes. He can be a little too cautious romantically, which can lead him to being disillusioned if he is not careful when it comes to close personal relationships. But once in a relationship, he can be extremely romantic and intense. He believes in love at first sight but is unlikely to throw himself into a love affair without first weighing up the pros and cons. Once he has made up his mind, however, that he has found “the one,” he will rarely meet any resistance, remaining a loyal and deeply affectionate partner for life.

    You VenusStorm may attract many admirers but your need to constantly challenge, question and shine can cause great tension in personal relationships. However, as you are also passionate and romantic, adoring heartfelt gestures such as flowers, hearts and poems, your partners will tend to forgive you. Because your life tends to be unpredictable, you thrive best with a partner who can offer you stability and security.

  • **** = hel*l.

  • That really describes me perfectly, and from what I know of him also. I often cannot tell if he is just really smooth, or very open with his feelings. He calls me his "Dream girl" which is super sweet, but kind of scary. I worry that I may not live up to whatever fantasy he may have. I am very straight forward with who I am though, so I hope he sees that too. I thank you so much! I will definatly take caution and look for tensions were before I may not have been aware.

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