• Hi all

    I was wondering if anyone understand this...

    Do you ever feel like the universe is telling you to reach out but you aren't sure if it is just your broken heart over a sad situation?

    I have a soul mate that has pushed me away for his own reason of thinking I'm better off without him. I miss him terribly and my anger the last year has probably attributed to the situation as well. I got frustrated that his depression also caused his feelings and would also get frustrated he wouldn't see this. So he has pushed me away. I feel that if I could get him away from his negative home life that he would begin to reverse the illnesses he suffers and get better. The people around him are not good to him. I know we could be happy.

    I feel as if he wants to talk to me. I am afraid to make the first move. I don't know what to do. Or if it would do either of Us any good.

    It is hard sometimes to hear the intuition over ones own heart. Yes??

    Peace an happiness to all

  • Depression needs treatment - if your soul mate is refusing to seek help for himself, then no one else can help him. He has to want to get better. And if he doesn't contact you and you don't contact him, then there is no communication at all and you have a stagnant situation..

  • It's a vicious cycle. Sad that people don't help themselves. Cause only they can. I can't And i know that.

  • His depression is a result of his underlying illness of ataxia.

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