Near future...

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering if someone could give me a general reading about the next few months ahead. I have nothing particular in mind.

    Thank you!

  • here is a pick up on what you are feeling,

    Your feeling joy, lightheartedness

    but something that made you happy is starting to turn

    there's a bump in the road

    someone is trying to help but it's not what you want to hear

    your at a point where things are not moving

    a loss or separation

    try to avoid to do something just to do something

    there is something that you want you feel luck is with it

    feels like no confidence or just dull

    and because of that there is no spark or drive

    try to figure out what that is because I don't get the sense that is you, you can work well with others and make things happen

    if it's doubt or because what ever the bump was, it's up to you to change it and make a goal that you will work towards, don't let things just happen, you need to make it happen.

    hope that helps,


  • Hi, Nick! Thank you for the reading!

    I dont know which bump you might be refering to, but the lack of drive is something I can relate to. Its is difficult o find where one's passion is...

    If you want, could you please do some reading regardint two specific questions?

    1. I intend get my masters degree next year. Will it take me somewhere or will it be just another piece of paper I will not use?

    2. Do I have what it takes to become a writer?

    Thank you very much!

  • The bump in the road is a stumbling block, or you have had or having difficulty with something. It has startled you, like going over a speed bump too fast...first thing you do is hold onto the wheel and try and get your bearings....

    When I do a reading its more for you to see what your are feeling so you can look at it from a different help make decisions or just see it differently....what ever I pick up is what you are feeling strongest about.

    For me personally learning can never hurt...if someone would pay for my PhD...I would go back to school...hahahaha I did my Masters and I have not used it right away but its knowledge and a tool in your tool belt for future use. It is getting more and more looking like my job will change and with my Masters I am better qualified for more opportunities....It doesn't go bad, and its all of the perspective of how you think about it... and that leads into the next in you...being a writer is not easy, I wish i had the imagination to tell a story coherently. I would write a book for younger kids on how to overcome obstacles that you have no control over as a little kid...but that is a different story...if I remember Blmoon did a comment on someone asking about writing, and its trust in you and keep going at it (paraphrased) don't let anyone stop are going to get many dejection's, one its a learning experience, two if used correctly it will make you stronger. I still cringe when I read what I write but the growth from when I started is time, practice, effort and most of all believe in yourself...that comes out and people will see....

  • Thank you, Nick! I was the one Blmoon gave that advice to. 🙂

    My problem is not going too fast over something, but going too slow... I know i shouldn`t think about studying as a mean to something and enjoy it for itself, but i'm not that young and carefree anymore and the future makes me anxious from time to time. I suppose it is the same for everybody.

    Hope we both get what we are striving for. Thank you!

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