Lessons to learn.. Advice wanted.

  • When you are in love with someone and things don't work out and it results in you breaking up with them.. do you think its normal to still love someone even after they have lied and cheated?? My outlook is that no matter how many times i begin a new relationship i find myself comparing them to my ex... maybe its because of the time that we invested in our relationship and precious memories that prevent me from letting go.. he is obviously still in love with me but so much has happened that i don"t know if i should still trust him or not.... the hardest part is letting him know my true feelings... What would you do??

  • shenita,

    It is normal to still love that person and to make comparisons. All it means is that you have not healed enough to let go. The painful lessons are what you need to learn from, for the good lessons of loving / being loved, you can easily carry forward. If you tell him of your feelings, you'll be drawn into the vortex of pain again. Also, if you are unable to work out the lessons from this relationship, you will repeat it again in another relationship.

    Truthfully, it does not matter if he still has feelings for you or not. You should focus on 'trusting' your self, developing yourself, before moving into a new relationship. Aren't you worthy of more? I think so! : )

  • Thanks for the advice.. I really appreciate it.

  • I had this in my own life and I was not a fan of reincarnation until I consulted a hypnotherapist. I really went there for relaxation purposes only however what I learned in that session "on accident" amazed me beyond belief". So in the end I feel sometimes we can have a life "cut short" in a previous one and the bond is still there and that is why you still feel that person and you might get reminders for them a lot as well. LIke from seeing things that remind you of them come up in random places.

    I am convinced this indicates the bond ids going both ways strongly in this life as well


    I think you can look deeply into yourself and ask why you decided you wanted to remain with them in this life as in what needs they were filling for you and what they were not. Making a list is useful it seems to help break the bond by grounding the experience in this life

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