Can someone help me with a reading??

  • Hello all im new to this astrology/pyschic thing. So im looking for some answers if someone can help me. Ive been on the job a while now and im not seeing any change in sight. I believe im a good person i just dont know which way to go. Am i on the right path? Is there a better job in store for me? Any insight is well appreciated.

  • Hi, MWright:

    I took a little look at this on your behalf and what I'm seeing is struggle, nitpicking, and something of a back stabbing environment. While it's hard to do, remove your self, your energy, from this element. That is to say, dont' give away your power. For right now, only deal with what is on your plate, your desk, and requires your input. Steer clear of those who gossip, meanly or otherwise. Then, take a long look at the nature of the environment. You may have to come up with a bold new plan, or step outside of your comfort zone and ACT at some point. But don't rush it!

    There is a need for you to go where you are wanted, to be with people who are your peers and equals, perhaps even your friends at or outside of work. Also, develop more of a sense of gratitude for what you do have, for these are the building blocks of your next situation. 🙂

    You are being guided by the Empress, and in this situation I have interpreted her energy this way:

    Ground yourself. Stick to what you know and don't allow yourself to have an overinflated view of your self or your capabilities. Find your way back to the flow of things; spend time in Nature, be open to insights that come to you, relax. Refresh yourself, and get a long clear look at where you are and where you could be. Is there a career you have considered that is close to your heart, but which you didn't choose?

    Hope this helps.



  • Thanx i know im extra late on the response and i hope you see it. Your advice did help and i just wanted you to know its appreciated 🙂

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