I want to leave my husband. May I have a reading please?

  • Hello,

    I have been feeling this way for about three years now. I have thought long and hard about this. To maintain my sanity I feel I have to leave my husband, but I don’t have enough money to support myself. I have started my own little business, but it will take some time before it takes off. Will I ever be free and independent?

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  • Hi Samemistakes

    Being free and independent may not require you to leave him - although i can relate to your question I have gone through the wringer in that area too - I am not a counselor though (have you done some counseling with him and all that?) - I am happy to look at cards and just share what they seem to suggest (although it would be limited to trying to read you more than trying to read the future 🙂 - anyway I am here if you want to share more


  • Hi AstraAngel/Mike,

    Thanks for your reply. I definitely want to leave my husband, and being (financially) free and independent will allow me to do that. We are a very poor match and should not have got married (long story). When I suggested counselling about two years ago, my husband was against it. And to be honest, now it’s too late for that as far as I’m concerned. I feel like I’m suffocating and it is affecting my physical health, too. Yes, I would appreciate a reading please, whatever you can do.

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  • Okay here is what turned up for you - ten cards on a 5x5 grid and letting the dice tell us where to place the cards in the layout

    First card is

    VERY OWNED & MORE DISTANT AHEAD dream-share (7S)

    which means that your most distant reality (owned) seems to be concerned with dream-romance-spirit realms in communication patterns (this is what you will be possessing strongly in your life ahead)

    Second card is


    this card appeared twice in a row and as this is at the very beginning of the set it is rather strong indication that this is really where you are heading as a life reality setting - it is concerned with dream-fanciful themes in communication patterns

    Third card is

    VERY OWNED AT PRESENT complete nurture (9P)

    this is what you are “owning” at present very strongly and this is a complete or perfect physical life pattern - meaning it is not going to be changing - so your present “owned” life physical setting is complete and perfect in its own way - there is nothing left to add to it would be the general idea here

    Fourth card is

    MOSTLY AIMED FOR / THE BEST (considering the circumstances) SOON AHEAD share share (3S) This is the only card in your “soon to come” column #4 and this is simply a communicate-communicate indication - so immediately ahead for you is a focus on communication patterns in your life in a somewhat aimed for sense - meaning the pattern is operative however it is rather moderate or calm in its expression - so some sort of communication that is earnestly trying to share in some sort of reserved way - almost like guarded dialogue or quietly sort of probing a matter

    Fifth card is

    VERY OWNED VERY PAST release + rising (Judgment)

    So this would show a past “release” from something and that sent you soaring upward

    I am not certain what this would relate to in your life it simple says that there was something in your past very important and it was some sort of release from something that was exulting or really had you looking upward

    Sixth card is

    VERY AIMED FOR / THE BEST (considering the circumstances) & MORE DISTANT AHEAD view share (5S)

    This shows that in your most distant indicators at this time your aim or the best in that circumstance will be viewpoint in communication areas - so you can see how the communication indicators keep stacking up with you - that seems the be the main theme for you that communication is the key

    This card also has connections to the dream share that is very owned in your more distant ahead - so this all adds up to a lot of dreamy communication with some aim to attain a viewpoint

    Seventh card is


    So more distant eventually is a setting you will be in that is very much focused in social-relate patterns which means groups of people or a job or something where you are with other people and there is all this communication going on that seems mostly very dreamy in some way and also is seeking a viewpoint on/with/about something

    This is also connected to the view share aimed for so all of this future setting is very integrated around communication in a social group setting

    Eight card is

    SOMEWHAT OWNED & RECENT PAST release falling

    More recently you experienced something that was a falling to a lower energy resting state like you let go of something and then mostly owned a more relaxed mode (could be giving up on a situation in a way or mostly giving it into the universe's hands to deal with ) this feels like it could have been very dramatic or happened rapidly or was energetic in some way (8)

    Ninth card is

    VERY AIMED FOR / THE BEST (considering the circumstances) & RECENT PAST away

    This is the Hermit card and it has been your recent very aimed for mode - being away alone apart was your recent aim it seems - or was the best that could have been realized in the situation

    Tenth card is

    SETTING & RECENT PAST move share

    More recently you experienced a setting where there was some very moving words or communication was very determined - together with the Tower below this and the Hermit as the aim above - it sounds like somewhat intense communication and something is abandoned or the hold is let go of (released) and then your sole aim was being alone or keeping to yourself

    Your general course seems toward communication as being the central theme - a lot of swords in your reading and the repeating 7 swords as what is owned out there in your future seems to be very much something important for you intellectually or in your dialogue efforts with others - this distant setting looks very social and communicative in some ways that you really enjoy

    For now though the only thing you have is this “completed” physical pattern that is your present setting (center column in the reading) and then immediate ahead you have a communicative desire or aim in some direction that appears to be about basic life concerns - that could simple be reflecting this thread between you and me now - sharing sharing

    Okay that should get the ball rolling anyway in some feedback for you - I hope you can follow my approach there

  • oh here is the sketch of the layout too

  • Thank you very much! To be honest, I have never seen this approach before, and I don’t understand it very well. What exactly does “owning” mean in this context? Also, what does the “dream-romance-spirit realms in communication patterns” mean exactly, please? Is it positive or negative? My interpretation is a negative one, in the sense that my desires are not based on reality, but are just wishful thinking.

    I feel very lonely in my marriage due to a lack of communication. Two minds working completely differently. Like speaking different languages. I don’t think the future communication indicated in the reading refers to my husband and I. I have a male friend with whom I have an incredibly strong connection. Communication is refreshingly easy, but there is also tension because we both feel a strong attraction. We’ve kept our distance because of my marriage. I recently told him that earlier in the year I asked my husband for a separation (my husband asked for a second chance, which I gave him). Since then this man has tentatively been trying to get closer, but is awkward and insecure, and I have been keeping my distance. I wonder if “…some sort of communication that is earnestly trying to share in some sort of reserved way - almost like guarded dialogue or quietly sort of probing a matter” could refer to him.

    I’ll study what you wrote again, but if you would please clarify those points I’d be very grateful.

  • Okay yeah sri about some of my definitions being a problem - I would say for that dream-romance-spirit-whatever we can simply say “dream” as characterizing the sort of bright happy places (dreams) that you would feel are as lovely and perfect as possible - it should not be a negative theme so if some of the terms bug ya then lets look for some words that express that theme that you do like - that would be something to explore - the 7's are usually pauses to me to reflect and that can be a door to other realms can be a sort of emotional la la land too so it can work for

    Wishes are important too though they are the way we can sort of clarify what we are desiring in life - what if wishes did come true - what would be your perfect dream?

    I hear you on the lonely feelings within marriage because of the communication challenges - that is a difficult I am sure. You sound to me like you are really wanting to deepen your own internal communication efforts with yourself? That could help relax some of the feelings of your communication with your husband being limited in some way. I have always journaled a lot that is one way to dialogue with yourself (and with other realms too as long as that is something you like I like angels and fairies I think the entire mystical realm is wonderful and so helpful 🙂 You could try to talk to your husband about the fairies and see what his views are on them or maybe not haha just kidding

    Okay and now we have a third person “a male friend - AMF” entering the discussion

    so okay you are getting some communication needs met outside of the marriage hmm - the problem there could be “how do I find meaningful communication and a feeling of connectedness with someone else without hurting my husbands feelings - I think that is the issue in these three way relationship triangles - trying to meet (communication it sounds like here) needs in an area that one person can’t provide and another can and how do you not hurt person 1 while you are drinking at the well with person 2? let me know if you ever get that one figured out!

    Okay well i hope that helps to clarify it a little - i am not really a good predictor of anything so if you are really looking for answers like that I am not your person there - I tend to center in on your inner emotional world as being the area to poke around in for answers and not so much “where is life heading on the outside”

    That guarded communication reference could be to AMF i am not sure it does sounds like you will soon be at least 'trying' to share with someone and then there is more dialogue in a group context somehow hope that helps -astra

  • (first paragraph)

    ...it can work for creative people in writing and art and such as it can be very imaginative (the realms of the 7's) 7 swords could be imaginative writing for example are you a writer?

  • Thanks again! I think A LOT about AMF and I was concerned that the dream-fanciful themes might have meant that my desire for something more concrete with him in the future meant that it was just wishful thinking.

    I am not a writer as such, but a translator (for work) and an artist. I don’t keep a journal anymore. I’m afraid my husband will find it. How do you dialogue with angels? Can I dialogue with my guardian angel?

    So can I interpret the first two cards as a feeling of fulfilment (my dreams being fulfilled…my need for communication and connection) in the distant future?

    And the third card means that currently in my life things are the way they should be?

    I’m hoping the cards about communication in the future refer to my work which, as a translator, requires a lot of communication.

    The eighth and tenth cards might refer to giving up on my marriage, but they could also refer to AMF. Our communication is great regarding all matters, except our attraction to each other. I did decide to give this up to the universe (the Divine) to deal with. AMF posts love songs on facebook for me, but then gets annoyed when I don’t reply with some similarly cryptic love message. We are in our early 40s! He’s full of angst. He’s a Cancer.

  • Okay well as for the dialogue with angels i guess that is a personal thing although it seems just as nice and easy as the dialogue you and i are having I would say you could dialogue with any angel or anyone you wanted to samemistakes you should have no trouble at all

    That is pretty cool about your work as a translator and the art that is something - I think you are right that reading could be picking up on your work there in the translation area - it does seem like some really wonderful somethings are developing for you in something that looks really pleasant and in a group setting somehow social somehow i want to say this solves a lot for you

    and I think your interpretations of those cards sounds perfect to me - it is really how you see it - so you do sound like you are really on the right track there yes yes you are right all is perfect for you now i really feel that about you all is perfect even though some areas could use some improvement it is all still working together into something so great for you i know you you will be going great

    as for those last two yes giving it up to the universe is always the way to go in every area

    9 to me would be “away” somehow in the recent it was a very strong aim that seems past though this is a memory the Xth card is 8 of swords - i tend to think movement in the 8's or moving emotionally you know? so that looked recent also a very moving speech! or something maybe your husband was preachin’ to you haha

    and you are a Cap and he is a Cancer? Angst hmmm I don’t know a whole lot about the cancer personality they have a little shell to hide in is about all i know takes patience i think with Cancers leave gifts by the opening to his shell so when he pokes head out the first thing he sees is something that says thinking about you

    however you and he are opposites on the zodiac so that would seem to add up to a pretty good relationship potential? Balanced anyway

  • sorry for all the vague “somethings and somehows” and all that filler the cards are always so general to me i have a hard time pinning down anything specific you have nice days coming your way

  • Thanks Astra! You say that the cards are always so general for you and that you have a hard time pinning down anything specific. How do you normally do readings?

  • Oh I am not sure to be honest I have changed so much in the way I look at the cards

    It seems like life becomes what is on the inside of us more than something I can predict

    so lately I like to try and explore what I (or you) might be aiming for or feeling inside and maybe there are little hints from the past here and there however mostly I think the “readings” are trying to paint a portrait of ourselves within and then from there we can start to deduce where matters might be headed in life based on how well I know myself

    Do you see what I mean there? So in a way that shifts the focus from life issues “out there” (people situations relationship work money concerns and please just tell me what will happen) and we just sort of let ALL of that go and then relax and look inside at what mysteries might be going on inside of us! And then from that you can compare what is happening in life and hopefully the increasing light within (knowing yourself) results in increasing light on the outside

    knowing yourself means you have done the work and your partner can feel relaxed being with you then because you have done the work so for example you mentioned the communication efforts between you and AMF are sometimes hitting something? That could be path role issues like he isn’t sure about his direction in some way and you don’t really know either so that creates the pauses

    My approaches with the tarot are a little unusual I guess which is why I warn to take it as entertainment or something because I am not really a prognosticator we can look at cards and talk about what they can mean to us which you know how to do so it is really simply dialogue all we are looking for is a friend to talk to get another perspective that sort of thing 🙂

  • I understand your current approach. In fact you did a reading for me some time ago (different account which I can no longer access) which was very different. I have to say, I preferred that old approach. With regard to my husband, I have done so much introspection over the past three years in order to determine and understand what I am feeling, and that has led me to confirm without a doubt that we are wrong for each other. What you say about AMF and I is true, though. We definitely have path role issues. Difficult with me being married and both of us being proud, insecure and obstinate. Anyway, originally what I really wanted to know was whether I would ever have enough money to leave, but the strong undercurrent always seems to be: will I end up with AMF? Sigh. Thanks for all your help, Astra! I hope you are happy and that your life is good.