I would appreciate some opinions in this venue, please :)

  • I've been trying to replace my favourite deck lately. I lost it in a house fire 😞 It came out in the mid-90's and I used it from '95 until 2010. I'm pretty fluent in most of the formats that are out there, but I'm stubborn and want mine back...


    Now can you see why?

    I'm still trying to find someone that's not trying to rape me on the price of, even a USED ONE!

    Finally, I went last week and checked out some of the new ones that are out at my local new age store. I found a deck that was visually appealing, from what I could tell from the outside of the box...I got them home, cleansed them and after letting them "breathe" for a little bit, I finally talked my cat into letting me try them out on her.

    I'd REALLY like to get some other opinions on the deck though, as I feel I'm being biased.


    I've been reading mixed reviews, but they are such extremes that I wanted to check another venue (Here! :)) I see myself having to cross post this too. It's such a new deck that I'm not sure many have had a chance to check it out.

    If you have a chance, I'd REALLY value the extra input 🙂



  • What a beautiful deck St Mary. But ultimately it is how the deck feels in your hands. Does it feel comfortable? Do the colors move you? What are your feelings when you lay out a spread?

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