10 Readings from Shuabby

  • hi shuabby

    thank you for the information and advice dear.

    i was thinking of staying away from chemicals but seems i have no other choice now. i think i would first go see a dermatologist as you suggested and see what she has to say about my skin. diet has been a major culprit all along so i need to keep a strict check on what i eat too. thank you for sharing information for products. i'll definitely check them out and am sure they will be helpful as they are helping you already.

    much love and light to you

  • Thanks for the reading, Shuabby! It's interesting that you see a train connected with my education because I've been thinking about taking classes in another city. I'm just not able to take the same classes where I live. I would like to work with teenagers and young adults someday, but I'm a long way from having the education I need to do that. I was worried that maybe my life was headed in the wrong direction, but maybe I just need to be patient and take advantage of opportunities that come my way. Thanks again and best wishes to you,Shuabby!

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