10 Readings from Shuabby

  • Hello,

    I will do ten readings for those who ask. Remember only ten will be read for.

    I'm a clairvoyant card reader and can also work without tools as my gift is advancing.

    I look forward to sharing.

  • hi shuuaby! i would love to sit for a reading. thanks much for the kind offer!

    i am struggling with finding a job. i have been told that i will meet a good man through luck in near future who will bring me a job and many transitions will follow. and while working for him i might get another tempting offer that if i accept will get me into big trouble.

    since i am now aware of it i wouldn't want to go there. but as i have been getting readings that there will be many transitions and that this first job i get will be only temporary i have hard time understanding where this shoddy offer is coming from? who will offer me this job that will land me in trouble? it seems it is connected to the person who will hire me at first.

    this good man comes up as a leader who has a great value ladder and experience and is very generous by heart. an old couple also appears in my readings who i will be working with during this time. you are the first one who mentioned them last year. since i haven't even started working yet i am wondering if this old couple is the one i need to be careful with? can you help me solve this mystery? i am thoroughly confused and don't want to end up hurting me and others who are connected to me by getting misled. i would love to know who should i trust and who i shouldn't, any clues to know good people and the bad ones to avoid will be greatly helpful!

  • Dear highpriestess,

    I feel a temporary service job or jobs for you as I feel a choice of jobs through this service. I hear the name of Jane connected in helping you with finding a job of choice for you. As far as the older couple I do not feel them at this time, when a reader reads they read or should be reading for your incoming future , which I term myself a short term reader 3-6 months out, and you always have choice and free will, You have good intuition yourself about people and I feel you would soon know the good from the bad, At times you may work for a person in life that is not a positive person or has bad habits which really have noting to do with you, it is their choice.

    I worked for a man that gambled and I did not know this until after six months, he was good to me and his employees, he just had a bad habit which cost him his business and marriage.

    Back to your reading. I feel a dark haired man with some gray in his hair coming in around you in the next 3-6 month period. It seems he will be introduced to you. He is a sporting fellow is what I am being told here. You will feel as though you have known each other for a long time and I feel as though you have in a prior lifetime. A little black terrier male dog keeps coming in here and wants to be given some attention. Do you have this dog? What a delight he is.

    That brings the reading to a close and it was my pleasure to read for you.


  • Yes could you please give me one. I have a question regarding my exboyfriend Howard. A reader told me awhile back that a young blonde would help us reunite. Is this young blonde his daughter (J)? How is she going to play a part in reuniting us?

    Your insight please.

  • Dear Standing Tall,

    Children play wonderful match makers in life for their parents. I feel like J does like you and knows of her fathers feelings for or towards you. Howard is a man that can be moody and needs alone time. It feels like you two are quite different in personalities which can make or break a relationship. As long as you two can give each other space and do your own things in separate ways , this will be a good match. J can talk her father into seeing you again and may do so in the coming month.

    Have a good day


  • hi shuabby! thanks for the reading dear!

    can you tell me what kind of company will i meet this lady Jane?

    i have been struggling to find a job for many months now. and i feel totally disappointed! i don't know what field of work i should be looking in to find a job?

    should i look in temporary recruiting companies? i have forwarded my resume to these companies too but not a single one contacted me. it seems i am shooting in the dark and waiting for luck to shine on me and show me the direction. but it has been really frustrating trust me. i want to work but there is no work for me:((((

    and you mentioned this man with few grey hair and a dog. what will he be doing in my life? is he connected to leading me to a better job or something? just curious what will he be doing in my life.

    thanks for your time honey! its truly appreciated!

  • high priestess

    Please put aside other readings and lets just go with the one I gave you dear.

    I felt a temporary service in which some of them test you to see where you might fit weather it be in a warehouse or a clerical office job. I also feel an opportunity like in a convenience store near your dwelling. I sense you are afraid at this time and I want you to start praying and asking for what you want to come to you. I do this myself and it works.

    if you remain open to trying a different type of work that you may not have done before like a cashier . CVS has really good benefits. Walgreens also.

    The dark haired man is a friend at first, you could meet him by his coming into your work environment however I feel he will be introduced to you by a friend, do you attend church? If not consider going and meeting new friends, as I feel you need this in your life. You need to believe that God has a plan for your life and a job for you too. I feel it in my bones that you will be working at the next new moon if you open the door of faith in yourself and know that there are more good people out there to get to know than ones that are looking to lead you astray. The little black dog may have been a symbol of joy that will be coming into your life, if you will lose your fear and take a leap of faith.

    Best of Luck to you.


  • oh thanks so much dear for your help here.

    i am open to any kind of job at this point which was not the case before. i had certain professions in mind that i was seeking jobs in but as i have been out of work for so many years i don't have any recent work to show on my resume. this is the reason i never got past few interviews i have had in the past. the only reason i was not applying for jobs in other areas like cashier job in CVS or convenient store because i have a master's degree in business administration and have worked in the similar area before. i am afraid that i won't get the necessary work experience at a CVS as cashier that i can show on my resume for prospective employers to notice. i am looking to work in management or similar areas like human resources that can use my skills and education. but somehow being away from work for so many years has left me in the dark.

    finally i have started including other areas of work in my search and it has been on for several months, but in my heart i am afraid that these jobs won't add much, if anything, to my current skillset to show on my resume and help me find what i am looking for.

    that doesn't mean i am not open to work. i can work anything, everything is included in it. i have volunteered in the past as clerical staff with great enthusiasm as i do want to work in the real work environment instead of just sitting here applying for the jobs.

    i don't attend church, but i need friends in my life. i have none at the moment and i feel spiritually starved because of this. i am a very friendly person, somehow i end up meeting people who are not progressive in their thoughts, are not ready to mingle or not very outgoing. i do take initiatives with them but then it fizzles out after a while because i am the only one who seems to work and the other party either is not in same mental zone as i am or simply lazy to go out and indulge in quality time with others.

    many thanks for the good wishes!

  • OH WOW!! Do you mean the month of September? How will she contact me? (J) doesn't have my current phone number or email.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Will you please do a reading for me re jobs. Will I get a perm offer at current job or will I be extended or end contract? What is lead's intentions towards me?

    Will the person I think about, contact me any time soon? Not sure asking two diff question is ok but I really wanted to ask 🙂

    Thanks so much in advance. I think I am within the 10 limit but if not I still thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Standing Tall.

    She does not need those things to talk from her heart to her father about contacting you. Do you have her phone number? If so give her a call.

    Amor Amor


  • Standing Tall.

    She does not need those things to talk from her heart to her father about contacting you. Do you have her phone number? If so give her a call.

    Amor Amor


  • ZNL

    You will stay where you are at for at least six more months at that time I feel like you will advance into a more stable job. I see a river or water beside the building you will work in and I hear the name of Jeff at your new work place The letter A is on the building.. Yes, You will have to put forth effort to get this new job .

    Life will change for you and in better ways than you think possible. A new residence is coming here and I feel it is smaller in a way as to what you have now. Yet it is nicer in several ways also. The person you want to call you I get an S in their first or last name here will indeed give you a ring. I see a circle meaning the ending and new beginning of some desire you have at this time.

    I hear the name of Michigan here, the state of which will play a role in this lifetime for you. Who is Sherry as she keeps coming in here with her name?

    Look for good solid ground to stand on in 2015


    This is the third person I have read for.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Nice to see you again!

    I'm looking for a job now. Do you see any good opportunities coming soon in my chosen area of work, either temporary or long term?

    Also, an old flame B is starting to communicate a little again, after 3 years of almost no contact (even though we're in the same environment). Even before this, I've had dreams about him in recent months. What's going on there?

    Hope these questions are ok.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Just to qualify the first question - I am looking to stabilize employment, as I've been in contract work for so many years with periods of unemployment in between. I don't mind a temp job just to tide over for now, but I am hoping a suitable long term opportunity will find its way to me eventually (hopefully 2015). Anything like that on the horizon?

  • Hi Shuabby,

    You've done readings for me in the past, so I was hoping you wouldn't mind doing another one. Right now, I'm feeling a bit lost in terms of what direction I should take in life. I am thinking of volunteering for a local TV station, but am unsure whether this is a good opportunity. I don't know if it will lead to paid work. I'm also struggling to leave past mistakes behind. Will I be able to do that? Thanks for your reading offer.

  • Okay. THANKS! ! Keep up the good work!!

  • Hi Shuabby

    Thanks for offering 10 readings. I don't know if I've come in under ten or over. If over, well too bad, I've missed out lol!

    I feel that a major change is about to happen in my life, but can't see in what area exactly. I've been very busy with work over the last (nearly) five years, and haven't had a great deal of energy/time to properly deal with other aspects of my life. And the old chestnut looms large: love. I'm wondering what's in the future for me in that area, as well as life direction.

    I hope you've been well, and if I came in at 10 or under, I thank you in anticipation of your response. Otherwise, like I said, too bad too sad, I missed out!




  • Dancer is my fourth in line

    In regards to your job I feel a standstill at this time, with movement beginning in March for new jobs for you to contract with. A Joe will be of help to you in the job area, and yes I do feel a temp job that is not to far from where you live at this time coming up soon.

    B is there to help you feel some joy and love and if given time and patience will become a more permanent part of your life.

    I feel a red car or truck tires needs replaced as soon as this can be put on the list. It could be a friends vehicle. Scott comes in here and he feels like a lively fellow , fun loving so keep that in mind if you meet him. Blonde with light eyes. He is not ready for anything deep.

    It was nice reading for you,


  • Moon50 is my fifth read

    Yes, I feel your spirit is tried and in need of change and it is coming I hear the name of Max here and he drives a blue car ,He will be a stepping stone for you to get your motor started in the area of love again, I see the tropics coming in here so a cruise may be on your agenda in the coming months. Love is in the air for sure, and by Christmas you will have a happy heart .

    Direction of life is just veering slightly off the beaten path for you. Have you been thinking about becoming a teacher of yoga or a reiki master as that is coming in around you here.

    Marsha is also a name coming in here is she someone you know who has passed as she is happy and sending wonderful vibes your way.

    Enjoy your new found happiness that is coming to you soon.

    I m better health wise and still have some work to do before I can say I will be able to dance the tango or run a fast race with anyone. Thank you for your concern.


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