Can someone do a reading for me Please !?

  • Can some one do e reading for me please ?! Lots of bad news hearing these two last days. Today I was told I will not get the job I was so close and promised. I am very sad and barely waiting to hear a better news on this job as there is still a little bit of chance. Thank you a million !!

  • Art10,

    A reading for you,

    You are feeling stale and dull

    Your not happy and there are obstacles to get through

    Emotionally you lost control

    Something about family, to watch money or handle a problem

    You want something, but it is not just going to just fall to you, you can't just dream it to happen...there needs to be a plan and hard work

    You have hope so don't lose that

    There is going to be a big may seem like things are blowing up, but it will allow you to see new

    You have been worrying about that you are stuck, look into why. Find that something and make it happen, again think,plan and take action.

    There is a good woman there for you ...watching helping

    There is a guy looking always for a carefully negative surrounds him and it brings it to others

    Don't take the easy road or give it a half hearted effort...things fail when that type of effort is given

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank You Tarot-Nick !!

    Have a Blessed day !!

  • Hello Tarot Nick,

    Could you please do a love relationship reading for me and this guy which name start with P.

    Thank you so much, Art

  • Art,

    I don't do those type of readings well, I'm a cold heart-ed...hahahah

    You will get a better response from the Captain

    in the reading, I only picked up the one card about a guy; the rest was about your situation; I will gladly give you another reading in about a month... it takes some time to work out what you are going thru before things can change.

    I think it comes down to my philosophy of who I am, you have your free will and the choices you make, shouldn't evolve around does he like me (I am not saying you in this case just generalizing) or are we a good match. Maybe I am married too long..hahahah and I have forgotten what it is like...back to being cold...hahahaha Dating is to see what you like in a person the excitement of figuring it out, but most of all don't put blinders on or only look at the areas that are good and ignore the rest. I say looking at a picture that is nice and ignoring the ugly frame that is wrapped around are not seeing the whole picture...the frame is part of the picture daughter rolls her eyes when i give that one...hahahaha

    so I'll be hanging


  • Tarot Nick

    Thank you !! it makes perfect sense what you are saying and what I just discovered about it. synchronicities !! Thank you and have a Great Day !!


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