Dear Astra, could you help me with this reading please?

  • hello astra! hope you are well.

    i did a reading for myself recently and my question was "what does the future look like for my career?" i was also thinking about some of my plans, dreams etc, and how they are going to turn out. here are the cards i picked (it was a celtic cross spread and my deck is rider waite):

    1. the chariot

    2. king of wands

    3. king of cups

    4. 7 of swords

    5. 3 of wands

    6. the judgment

    7. the tower

    8. knight of swords

    9. ten of pentacles

    10. the empress

    now, i'm not skilled at all when it comes to interpreting tarot but from time to time i do readings for myself and generally i have a few ideas or a feeling as to what the cards might be trying to say. but this time i'm completely stumped. could you please share your thoughts? thanks a lot in advance!

  • Hi cylll

    yes all is well thanks and hope for you too

    sure thing I will share what seems to be suggested to me

    btw my method is to simply assign one word terms for the 22 basic major arcana themes and then plug that into the spread (in this case the celtic cross) - the Thoth tarot deck sort of has this similar approach in its design (one word terms for each card)

    here are my list of terms for each card that I have been working with so far:

    begin (fool)





















    everything (universe or world)

    then you are using court cards (which I haven't been using myself in a while however I will share how I tended to interpret the court cards - as indicating (repeating) patterns in the first four themes (begin play share nurture)

    pages = patterned 1's (begin)

    knights = patterned 2's (play)

    kings = patterned 3's (share)

    queens = patterned 4's (nurture)

    (so for example lets say you keep trying to say this one thing to someone over and over in the hope of eventually getting your point across that would be a repeating communication pattern effort related to {insert life subject area here} which would be a King of Swords for example)

    1. the chariot (move)

    2. king of wands (patterned share begin)

    so the your setting is about

    (a) move (related to) a share begin pattern = there is some movement concern (action or determination on your part) that is related to communication that began or is beginning (and could be a repeating effort)

    then the rest of your cards:

    3 above share play (as a pattern)

    4 below dream share

    5 recently share began

    6 ahead rising

    7 self falling

    8 house play share (as a pattern)

    9 hope away nurture

    10 outcome nurture

    So the setting has you very much trying to be determined about something related to career communication beginning (or trying to begin over and over)

    the aspiring hope above is career communication patterns to be repeating in some play-feeling-fun-couple way

    the foundation or history (could touch on subconscious influences from your past) is dream share which is dream-romance communication - so there is a history or a pattern for you where dreamy communicating is a basic career motivation for you

    recently there has been a significant career communication related to intentions in life - somehow path and role has been a recent career topic of interest for you although this is waning now

    ahead is rising - so there will soon be an increasing or rising up trend in career themes in some important beneficial way for you

    your self attitude is falling - so your general outlook on career life right now could be falling in intensity of focus - you could find yourself looking out on career life in a kind of relaxed (or maybe a little bewildered! way at times that is okay though)

    your environment is play in career share patterns so you could be exposed to some playful sort of innocent chatter going on in your career life around you from outside sources (people around you for example)

    your hope is transition of nurture patterns so there is a desire hope wish for a new career physical pattern to begin since a previous career path has concluded

    the outcome is nurture - so where matters are heading in general is toward basic career nurture settings which means usually very supportive and helpful to those right around you and being empathetic to your surroundings and caring for what is there (in career terms) - this is a very basic instinct to nurture our environments so this seems to be an important development ahead in career - you will be experiencing (giving/receiving) nurture-gentle-supportive ways in a career setting so something career related that is also very basic in its physical helpfulness seems to be where matters are leading

    did anything here help at all? I know my style can be so vague so I am never sure how much help it is - i tend to be somewhat analytical about it all

    what has you stumped in your interpretation? what was your general take on the cards?

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