Three Wishes

  • I thought I should share this with everyone here. Been through some difficulties lately and heard about this interesting way of getting three wishes granted:

    Get a plate and three candles, set them at the highest point in your house (within reason, no need to go to the attic!), make a circle of sugar around the candles after you dedicate each one to three angels; St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel. Dress them with olive oil, if you wish. Light the candles and ask for three wishes; one for business, one for love, and one impossible wish. Then thank the angels and leave the candles to burn. You can also use tealights for three consecutive nights when you repeat the whole process, if you don't want the candles to be burning too long or without you there. After the third night, post this somewhere public, like an online forum for example. On the fourth day, you should recieve a sign that at least one of your wishes will soon come true!

    I have a thing for angels and candles, so I thought I would give this a go. I hope to recieve a sign by tonight! I hope everyone's summer is going well.


  • There is power in rituals.....but really it is the INTENTION. The ritual is faith in action but the power is in the faith. Just a prayer can work if one's faith is strong. Rituals feel good, I had a friend growing up with a psychic mother and she told me when I needed money to repeat three time "please bring me the money I need". I loved using that and it felt comforting! The power is in your own energy........never the objects. Rituals pump up your energy. All religions use rituals. BLESSINGS!

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