Will i get hired? will this job be good for me?

  • I just recently graduated from veterinary technology college. but I havnt worked in an animal field as of yet. I just had an interview at the local animal protective league, for a level entry position cleaning kennels, feeding the aniamls, etc.. I felt this is good opportunity to get my foot in the door where they hire veterinary technicians. I still have to take the national exam to be a registered technician, which I need to prepare and save $ for. Right now Im struggling to get hours in home care and need to make money right now. My question is will I get this job? I did explain that I will be out of town for the next week, will this effect my chances of getting the job? I did reassure them I will be available to answer my phone, and looking to hearing from them. I know Im overqualified for the position but I understand I desperately need more work right now and this could provide an open door for be hired for my trained profession within the company in the future. Is there a good outlook for this position at this company for me?

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