Will this time be the right person? a reading please

  • Hi may I get a reading please. I met this guy and I feel that we have a good connection and are very similar in many ways however the only down side about it is that he lives in Norway and I am in Canada. I just want to know if this relationship will blossom into something more serious.

    his dob may 4 1975

    mine dob is September 12 1985


  • This combination can lead to struggles for dominance since you can both be hard-headed individuals at times. Or it can coalesce into a dedicated relationship determined to succeed, depending on how the two of you handle it. It can become the lynchpin, or at least an important bulwark, of either a successful business or family. The determining factor here will be whether you two can genuinely like each other, pure and simple. You do share many qualities, such as a hatred of pretense and an insistence on fairness, especially to the disadvantaged. This is no antidote however for your fight for supremacy. A personal relationship such as marriage, a love affair or a friendship is likely to show the most conflict, alternating with warm caring expressions of emotion. A love affair here can p[rove highly pleasurable, but feelings tend to run deeper when one of you already has another relationship elsewhere. Generally speaking, opposing the rules of society and the dominance of the other partner comes naturally to this relationship. You two will have no hesitation about flaunting your passions dramatically, feeling no need for secrecy or sneakiness. Communication is a strength here but it has to be open and honest for this relationship to work.

    So you need to get to know this guy better - and don't just go by what he tells you about himself but what your own gut instincts tell you. He may have a whole other life that he is not revealing. Before you fall for him, use some caution and don't give your trust to a complete stranger, no matter what nice things he tells you. It may turn out that he has entered your life as a teacher or guide rather than a lover. And he can be more dreamer than doer, so don't take his promises as gospel. He can also over-analyse a relationship to death. So just be wary!

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