• I have had a difficult Summer so far. The house I lived in burned down to the ground and I lost everything! !! I am now in the process of trying to START all over again.

    I would like to know if you see any good news by the Fall in regard to moving, money, and if I will get married in the next year?

    I would REALLY appreciate your help for my life is now in limbo

    DOB: April 21, 1973

    Thanks in Advance.

  • BUMP.

  • Standing Tall

    You will recover all that was lost and I see a small home being purchased cottage type , lovely and seems to have a blue hue to it so it will be a peaceful home surroundings Cool weather is what I feel so the state will have seasons in which you will live.

    Money wise I feel there is a large sum coming to you in Jan of 2015 and this feels like a work situation or business bonus.

    I feel writing here like you are a writer or in evolved with papers that need legal advisory and you can do this on your own. Lawyer

    I also know that you have back bone and will overcome anything that blocks you and I keep seeing a chimney here so that may have had something to do with the fire that started.

    Yellow is a color that is coming through and it will be the color or the walls in the kitchen of your new dwelling.

    Love is new to you now and that means someone new is coming and I hear the name of Jerry and Howard and there is a little girl lovely in most everyway that wants to come into your life.

    The man will be met in an unexpected way is what I receive for you. He will be cheerful and love the outdoors like bikes and hikes and swimming and boating. He also likes to hunt. He is tall and slender and again I see a coat and hat, cool weather. He has been married before just a short marriage as it was not meant to be long term. He feels near like three to six months out.

    I wish you the best because that is what you will receive as soon as heaven allows it all to come together for you . I see a green vehicle here that needs the brakes checked on it.

    Keep in touch,


  • WOW WOW WOW......... Shuabby how in the world did you know that I use to date a Man named Howard? Are you saying that I will marry my exboyfriend?

    Also I am going through a custody battle concerning my daughter (C) is she the little girl that wants to come into my life?

    What really shocks me is that the guy that I am currently dating drives a GREEN truck!! And yes, the brakes are bad! I drove it today and I had to really press down on the brakes in order to stop at the red light.

    You are amazing and can really pick up on energy. ..WOW!

  • Thank You Standing Tall for your feedback. I can not take credit for a given gift, but I can honor it and share it with those who need it.

    You can marry your ex boyfriend if that is your own thought out and tested decision to do. However there is a Jerry here also to consider. You need to know what you want in a man and be sure you want to stay and raise a family with him.

    Yes, the little girl wants to come into your life and will, but perhaps not full time as yet. You need to prove something before that can happen is what I receive.

    The brakes need the master cylinder look at on the green truck right away.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Thanks! I will have Jeffrey take a look at the truck. I think that is the Jerry name you are hearing.

    Do you see him asking me to marry him?

    Also you mentioned legal work and Lawyer. Do you see me going back to school this year?

    Thanks in advance Shuabby! !!

  • Standing Tall

    Yes you can go back to school this year if that is a desire for you to complete the needed courses, yet it is not clearly defined as what it is you will be doing? Does this involved travel for you ? Like a travel agent? At times spirit does give me a name that is off. I heard Jerry. Jerry could be a passing person in your life. Will Jeffery ask you to marry him. No, not yet. I feel you have know him only in the six to eight month time block. He seems to be a caring man and laid back a bit. You two certainly get along at this time , yet there is a burden he carries within his heart that needs healed before he will marry.

    I wish you the very best and know that you will have it before to long a period has passed.


  • Thanks again Shuabby!

  • Shuabby I have one more question. You mentioned that I will meet Howard in an unexpected way (my exboyfriend) that is.

    You see awhile back I received a reading where the psychic told me that a Young Blonde would help us reunite. I feel that it might be his daughter (J).

    Will it be his daughter? How will she do this?

    (J) is in a lot of legal trouble right now and there are rumors thay she is facing SERIOUS jail time.

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