Taurus trying to understand capricorn female. Reading requested.

  • First off, the birthdays:

    Me: 5/7/86

    Her: 12/26/96

    Now, the reason for my request. Basically this young woman has been very... aggressive... in trying to get me involved in her affairs. She craves attention, I guess that's not uncommon for Caps. She's asked me on multiple occasions to join her in our mutual hobbies, which I promised to do but until recently didn't have the ability to live up to.

    The thing is, lately she's been very introverted. We still talk fine when we get a chance - but she seems frustrated by how long it's taken me to get my life back in order. I just want her to be happy at this point, and to know keeping my belated word won't do more harm then good.

    Thank you for your time and help.

  • Hey, you have the same birthday as me, JCT! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, the reason for this relationship is not always clear and sometimes very puzzling indeed. In fact if your shared activities (around which the relationship is built) end or fall apart, the two of you may find little in the way of an emotional or spiritual bond to hold it together. Usually you two travel in different circles and only a mutually exclusive activity or friend would throw you together at all. Sympathy for or fascination with the other person is usually the basis of the relationship. It is actually a serious karmic meeting that must be thoroughly and laboriously worked through before it can end, with one lifetime perhaps not enough. Cappys like this young woman can be very authoritarian, controlling and intolerant and her need to take the lead in relationships which will not go down well with you at all, JCT. You may even find her presence oppressive at times.

    This girl will have father issues, whether he was loving and kind or nasty and mean or uncaring and distant. She probably had more than her fair share of responsibility as a child and may be looking to you to be the good supportive dad she never had. There is something about one or both of her parents that she was/is terribly ashamed of, embarrassed about or totally furious at. She has feelings of inferiority or shame about where she came from and may even have invented a whole other story about her life. Her past drives her to find someone she can marry because she is also highly traditional and desperately wants a sense of family and normalcy. She very much wants security and stability in her life. She can be very selfish at times and has a lot of trouble admitting when she makes a mistake. But until she can acknowledge that she may have been wrong, she will not be able to learn or move away from her mistakes. She runs the risk of becoming too mechanical or unfeeling at times, not just toward herself but toward others. It is vital for her psychological growth that she gets in touch with her feelings and those of others, as she can come across at times as an intense, serious and β€œhard” individual. Until the age of twenty-five, she will feel a big need for order and structure in her life, and practical considerations will be important. During these years - and indeed at any stage in her life - the key to her success will be to practice the art of compromise, remembering that the feelings of other people should always be taken into consideration. After the age of twenty-six, there will be a significant turning point, giving her opportunities to express her individuality more.

    You being a dependable and solid Taurus, JCT, this girl is naturally drawn to you because you offer the sort of stability and security she craves. Maybe you can teach her to open both her mind and her heart to other people and become more empathetic and more in touch with her own emotions.

  • Really now? lol, well fancy that, never met anybody who shred my birthday before, Captain. Nice to know somebody who does. πŸ™‚

    And truth be told, I do not understand my relationship with this woman at all. She's not just from a different social class - she's from a social class I altogether cannot stand. She's aggressive, demanding, flirty, and entirely too stubborn for my tastes. But... I do feel immense sympathy for her. For reasons I cannot understand I want her to be happy.

    Describing it as karma feels right. I can't find a logical way to express the feeling. I like her true enough, but not in any traditional sense I can describe. It's strange.

    I do actually find her pretty overbearing, our relationship happened entirely at her insistence and my amusement. Over the course of a year I realized my initial assumptions about her were wrong. We talked about her parents once, and she utterly refused to go into details (which is a detail in itself). I'very noticed she seeks my approval quite often, but at this point in my life I am not certain I am prepared to play such a role.

    This conversation actually affirms a great many of my suspicions about her. Thank you, Captain. I still have much to think about, but you have given me greater insight then I had earlier.

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