Captain- A Quick Question

  • Hi Captain,

    I have a quick question about something that happened to me today and I wanted to run it by you as I trust your gift. I am off to flight school next week to finally finish up my instructor cert. My mom in law tells me today that she had a bad feeling about me and to be careful. She couldn't say if it was death, injury or what exactly. She likes to claim she has a gift, but I don't know if she does; it just might be her negativity or super- religiousness. I have no idea. It kinda freaked me out a bit. Now I now you have been pretty darn accurate with me; do you see anything bad happening? I'm finally at a good place in life. Ugh. Thanks again and I hope you are well. Oh, how is your book coming along?

  • PG, I feel like that bad vibe your MIL was getting was about herself, not you. But nothing fatal, just bad news that can be coped with.

    Book is on hold for now as I get more involved in reading for people.

  • Thank you. I need to focus on my training and I dont need to worry about bad things. I know her mom is ill (shes 90 or so) and her sister might have health issues. Maybe that's it. Thanks again and I hope your book gets finished soon. Maybe soon I will be at

    to tell you i finally finished my training. I better as I am gonna run out of funds for it after this lol.

    Stay well. 🙂

  • Good luck to you, PG.

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