Seeking intuitive help from Shuabby/ Blmoon/Tarot-nick !!

  • hello dear readers

    can you give me some information regarding this person who shows up as my twinflame/twin soul in readings to recognize who he is? how will we meet and what will manifest between us?

    this or any other information that can help me recognize who he is would be really helpful!

    many thanks in advance for your time and kindness

  • Are you pulling soul mate cards? Spirit is not showing me a man right now. Sometimes the soul mate cards are about self love and pop up when we are most lonely so it sways our desire. You ask for clarity in recognizing him but that is not how it works. Those that come into our lives with meaning do so naturally and it's not like one needs to be anxious about missing that. You are "grasping". Sometimes when we let go of desired outcomes we get what we want.....that's the card I see for you.To find your compliment you must be active in being yourself. So, the soul mate card often advises you to embrace yourself, live your truth, be where you are most in your bliss and the right man will notice. A soul mate does not knock on your door to rescue you from loneliness. But a soul mate will appear while you are not looking for him. Your purpose is your own and a mate has is true that when we are most blissfully achieving our own goals and using our gifts is when meaningful relationships cross paths with us. Yo can start a vision of the perfect man. Right down the qualities you feel you need and list the deal breakers you can not live with. Put it away in a nice place, with a favorite a prayer. Then let it go and get out there in life and BE the qualities you desire. Be complete first.......on your own, your own soul mate. BLESSINGS!

  • thanks for reading and responding blmoon!

    you are right in mentioning that i should be working on myself and be the qualities myself first in order to attract the person in my life who will possess same qualities.

    it's just that i keep getting readings about this person even though i don't ask about him. i didn't even know that there is a term called twin soul. i got curious when this specific "twin flame" card will show up in the readings and readers would tell me that this person could be already around me. this got me curious and i thought of knowing more about him.

    i do understand your point though and you are right.

    thank you for directing me towards light and understanding!

    blessings and love

  • Hi aceofcups

    being you have a good answer, lets see what you are feeling, to help for now

    you are at a pause, gather your strength, exhale and lets start fresh

    there is tension and indecision, use a clear mind to create a path

    this will relax you and allow a new beginning

    again relaxing comes need to either find calm or let what was bothering you go...once you do, the road will open

    there was a guy around who had a good feel ...patient...

    I think your emotions were on high... they were hard to control

    I still think your upset (or emotions) but calming,,,,

    Know you will make things happen when you need too

    as for a friend... you are undecided,,, like start and stop...yeah that's it,,,oh wait no not that one

    be smart with money

    don't fall into the doldrums trap, of not doing nothing and not making any decisions; while you are recuperating set plans start making goals, things all start with an idea... form them and make it happen...don't fall into the la-de-da's it's in you...just trust it

    hope that helps


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