Are we compatible?

  • If anyone can give me some insight my birthday is November 2, 1978 and his February 27, 1973. We work together, and I would like to get to know him better. Thanks in advance!

  • This combination of personalities tends to work best as a friendship. You both have a philosophical and serious side to your natures but this doesn't mean you aren't capable of having fun together. There is also a shared respect for tradition, a desire to do things properly, and a solid pragmatism that lends support to any project. You both eventually come to respect each other's ideas. You Seaspray are the more practical, scientific and factual, while your friend is more theoretical, metaphysical and dreamy. There can be a pronounced physical attraction between you, and highly sensual and passionate interactions can result. As lovers, you would undoubtedly give yourselves over to the unbridled pursuit of pleasure. The need here however is for self-understanding. If the two of you are unable to gain psychological awareness, you are likely to feel helpless when struck by depression, anxiety or grief which can affect both of you quite severely. Your relationship is also prone to obsession or addiction, both of which serve the dual purpose of providing pleasure and preventing pain, but eventually will lead to breakdowns. Serious thought should therefore be given to such matters before deepening the relationship. Jealousy can also prove divisive here.

    You Seaspray are a spontaneous and impulsive individual and nothing gets you more excited in life than a new start. As self-awareness doesn’t tend to be strong in you, you may not realize just how influential you can be. It is important therefore for you to guard against desiring change for the sake of change. If you aren’t aware of your real needs, instead of focusing on your inner life you may direct your energy outwards with constant fresh starts or changes of direction. It’s only when you learn to listen to the quiet still voice within that you will begin to realize that too much change can be counterproductive. After the age of twenty, you entered a thirty-year period when there will be an emphasis on expansion and adventure in your life. This may come through study, education or travel. After the age of fifty, there will be a turning point which will highlight the need for greater order, structure and realism in achieving your goals. In love, you are imaginative, clever and rarely short of admirers, but your taste for new experiences may lead you into short-lived relationships rather than lasting, meaningful ones. For a while this can be exciting and fun but, over the years, a part of you will begin to long for something more enduring. When that longing emerges, you will attract the right person into your life. Be careful not to get obsessed with being the glamorous object of everyone's attention, however.

    Your friend tends to find emotions in relationships difficult to handle as they can quite overwhelm him and make him feel very vulnerable. There is a magnetic and striking intensity about him that can hold others spellbound and he likes to be in the limelight. Although this may appear contradictory, given his cool and charismatic image, he has a chaotic emotional life, with many broken relationships littered around him. The reason is that he has a deeply sensitive and emotional nature; although he has learned to control it when it comes to impersonal relationships, his personal relationships are threatened by his impulse to follow his heart when he should be thinking with his head or using his wonderful intuition. It is extremely important for him to apply discipline to personal relationships and to stop making unreasonable, childish demands on others, especially between the ages of twenty-three and fifty-two when he will be even more active and adventurous than usual. If self-discipline isn’t learned during this period, the result could be emotional and personal chaos. In a love relationship, he can be rather high maintenance. He expects total commitment and support from others but needs to learn to give it in return. He can be an incredibly inconsistent lover and those in a relationship with him will need to learn how to avoid head-on confrontations. When he does finally feel able to commit to a relationship, however, he can be a spontaneous, passionate and vulnerable partner. What he is really looking for is not so much a lover but a safe environment where he can feel loved, secure and free to be himself. He can be obsessed with being properly cared for to the point where, when he finds someone who can provide such a haven, he may become clingy and over-attached.

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  • Franciscamitchell, please don't use this thread or this site to advertise your services as it is against the rules of the forum.

  • I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I was lost for words when I read this. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of, not surprisingly, change. The day you responded I had a job offer. I hadn't been actively seeking another job, so it was a surprise. And I had to consider the job offer seriously. I wanted to make sure I wasn't make another change for change's sake. I've admired my friend from afar, I don't think he knows how I've imagined we could be. And I think possibly he saved my life the other day as crazy as it sounds. I may never see him again, since I decided to take the job, but being able to imagine myself with someone at least is a good change. I've been single for a year. I enjoy being single, but I do long for someone at times.

  • We all long for someone who really 'gets' us, and we shouldn't just settle for anyone less than that. It's worth the wait to get a 'bargain' and, until that person arrives, we can use the time to make ourselves into better more emotionally balanced and happier people by working through any personal issues and fears. Because it is only a happy person who attracts good things and people.

  • Hi TheCaptain. I'm still single, and that's fine. I'm enjoying my children and starting my new job. Thanks for your help. Maybe someday I'll find love, but if not, that's OK.

  • Excellent - you sound upbeat and that is how you need to be for success and happiness.

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  • The Captain, I might finally be going on a date after a year and a half of being single! His birthday is August 7, 1976. He's an old friend that I haven't seen for years. A mutual friend is bringing us back together. My birthday is November 2, 1978. How do you think we might get along?

  • This can be an excellent combination for a long term commitment, as long as it doesn't get too overly serious or combative. The two of you will tend to be very protective and nurturing towards each other. Creative forces will be strong here too, so strong that together the two of you might experience a rebirth of sorts that will keep you feeling young at heart. Your relationship will give you both a chance to move to a higher personal and spiritual level. You old friend has a balanced strength that is very compatible with your intensity and you will complement each other in career, educational or social undertakings that will allow your friend's equanimity and your drive to coalesce. However, neither of you will tend to give ground in an all-out argument. By working together and staying flexible and open, and by leaving plenty of time for play, you can win each other's trust. You share a drive to move forward - neither of you will be content to sit back and simply enjoy life's pleasures, sexual or otherwise. This can move you towards marriage. Having children and owning a home together can also be important parts of the scenario. Be aware however that progressing in this way need not make you steadily more serious and inflexible, losing the spontaneity and fun that tends to characterize this relationship in its beginnings. Don't get into competitive rivalry either.

  • Thank you very much. I think you will enjoy this You get really great emotions:)

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