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  • Hello Everyone,

    I've been going through a lot of negative feelings and emotions for well over a year now. I know a lot of it is caused by me, but I was wondering if there are any negative spirits/thoughts that have been sent by others and are trying to stop me from getting out of this rut? I would normally go to someone and pay them, except I'm not sure I'd be able to trust them. I have seen some of the helpful advice empaths have given to others and would appreciate it if they could use their expertise. Like I said, maybe nothing else is involved and it's all my own negativity. It's just that whenever I try and get out of it, bad thoughts just drag me back.

    Thank you

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  • I think you are experiencing a growing season. The times that I have experienced truly painful and difficult events is when I grew the most. I have found new things about myself and even spiritually because of negative events. These things happening could be a blessing in disguise or it could just be trials you are having leading up to the good stuff. Keep telling yourself the best is yet to come and make sure you are living a lifestyle that is going to bring about the changes you are needing so badly. I can tell you I myself have been to the pit and it is not a fun place to be but I have gained a richer meaning to my life and a appreiciation for the things I never wouldve considered in the past. Best of luck to you, things will get better.

  • Thank you very much Wenchie and lovinmylife for your kind advice. May the goodness you spread to others be returned to you.

  • I guess its not just me then, its been negative latley. I'll pray for you to find some good in it soon.

  • you can try read what I said here

    if it makes sense, then by all means try my advice

    I can type again but I've typed enough for you to see for now

    if you need to know more or have more details you can ask on here

    bye now

  • Thank you very much bluecat, I appreciate it. leoscorpian, I saw that thread the other day and your advice has stayed with me ever since. It's amazing how many negative feelings you can have throughout the day, even about the most trivial things. It takes strength and character to move away from that narrow mind, and that is what I am hoping and trying to develop.

    Thank you all for reading and contributing, your advice is extremely vaued.

  • Also leoscorpian, I don't want to act out of the threat of retaliation from the universe, I want to be more positive because I know that is the better way in and of itself. As a being trying to become more enlightened, I know that there is a better way to behave, react and treat others. I can get so hard sometimes though. I know I musn't feel pity for myself and just persevere. I just hope I don't lose the person closest to me while I'm doing this.

  • stronginside

    positivity is the only way we supposed to live our lives. I do not post it because I want people to fear the universe, I want people to know what we supposed to send out. Positivity supports life. your life, life of your relationship, your children's, life of your loved one, the future. live your life for the now and the future, the past is only good to learn from. after you learn, close the door. dwelling in the past is negative action and will invite past negativities back into your life over and over again.

    fear on its own is negative energy. if you fear something, it will come true, or the very least block you from hoping for the best. so you should not fear, worry, despair, pity, jealousy etc for it is not helping you in any way. fear of the universe is not even realistic. it has been doing what it does for billions of years, whether you fear it or not, it will do what it always does. there really is nothing and no one bigger stronger better than the universe. you can not escape it, so fearing it is a waste of time not to mention negative energy.

    I'm not sure what you mean by losing a person while doing this. being positive will not harm anyone, especially the ones you love. base every thoughts, words and actions from love and selflessness. should you lose this person when doing so, this means she is not the one for you, and the universe will send you another. if you mean she will be harmed somehow, it is not your doing, nothing that is based on love will harm anybody. someone else does it or the universe returns her own doing to her. Not saying this is what happened, just mentioning all possibilities.

    It's your life though, you will choose what is best to do.

  • Thank you very much for your insight leoscorpian. I didn't mean anything about acting from fear, I was just trying to explain how the post might be read by some people, and how I interpreted it. You are so right about not living in the past, that is my biggest obstacle at the moment. I'm giving it too much power over my life right now, when I should be enjoying all of the goodness that has been blessed upon me. What I meant about losing someone is that I know I am hurting them and I want to stop. I am sometimes scared that they will have had enough and leave. I know you're right, if they're meant to go, they will. But I know I will do everything in my power to be better and persevere ever day. Wallowing in sadness and feeling scared won't benefit me. Thank you very much for your reply.

  • I see. yes I suppose it is possible people perceive it that way.

    they don't realize fear is negative energy and since I mention we should not send out negativity, this means we should not fear either. well it's good to learn new things every day 🙂

    take care. gotta sleep.

  • and yes stronginside

    try your best. that's all you need to do. bye now.

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