Need help with empath question

  • Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for awhile but used to be a frequent flyer. Don't know if the people I used to talk to are still here. This is where I learned the type of empath I am. I am a Scorpio and an intuitive empath. Some sort of empath runs in my genes. Looking for help or someone who can guide me to where I can go for people like me. It's bad enough I feel like a freak... but something changed in the universe & I need to find people who understand. I need help in understanding what I'm feeling. I learned last week that all empaths are feeling something. I crossed a barrier within the last 3 weeks & it opened up a whole new realm. The wall/barrier I had learned to build so I wouldn't feel other people's emotions. Being able to feel people's underlying intentions is aplified... always felt that but worse now. I'm not used to it & it's affecting personal relationships. Any help is appreciated.

  • hello gotnotyme4play

    I feel for you. It is like a wall broke down and very hard to avoid. I carry crystals with me and it helps some and when they crack I bury them. I take walks in the woods by myself to try and find peace. I also meditate. I stay away from large crowds as it just magnifies the noise and gives me headaches. I hope this helps.

  • I read that if you do not want to experience certain feelings than you can pray and ask your guides , angels, God to withdraw the experience or help you to cope so that the feelings do not interfere with living life to it's fullest. Are you yourself grounded ? This would help a lot.


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