Can a kind soul read for me please?

  • @captain: i can see where you are coming from. this whole discussion has given me a new perspective to think logically about what i should strive for and something that is necessary for me to focus on at this point in time. definitely i don't want to add into my responsibilities that have weighed me down already and when i am already seeking a break from it. i can always pursue it later in my life when i am more comfortable inside and in my outer environment. i'll remember what you said.

    @ blmoon: i'll definitely look for the books you mentioned and read them. am sure they have something good to teach me if you have mentioned them.

    thank you both for spending time on enlightening me on the subjects that have been bothering me for a long time. i feel less burdened by them and more free of self imposed notions after having discussed these issues with you guys here. you are awesome people around here.


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