Can a kind soul read for me please?

  • hello dear readers!

    can i please know when will i get a job and where is it coming from? will i need to relocate in order to start working? i am very confused. i am applying for jobs but i see no positive results. haven't had any interview call but one that too long time ago. i would really appreciate if someone could help me in knowing in what month i will get a job and who will offer me this job? where will i be moving if it requires me to move.

    thank you very much for your help!

  • Are you actively applying for jobs, even when they are not advertised, such as going in to ask at workplaces where you would like a job if they have any vacancies now or coming up? Are you applying for work you really want to do or jobs that will just pay the bills? Do you really want to move?

  • And is there any negativity in your mind or heart when you apply for jobs - such as telling yourself there is no point or that you probably won't get the job you want or whatever? Because you may be setting yourself up for defeat in a self-fulfilling prophecy. You must only attach good positive thoughts to your job applications.

  • to be very honest it's been 2 years since i started looking. i should have felt defeated by now. but even today when i apply for a job i get excited that hopefully something will click. i have been disappointed lately but am not defeated, at all. i am patiently waiting for the right moment. sometimes i really get pissed at myself thinking why didn't i do it before but then i had other priorities in life at that time. overall my spirits are still high. but since i haven't worked for that long i am not focussing at one specific industry,rather applying for jobs in various fields.i am not interested technical/computers stuff even though i have studied it and have a fair knowledge/understanding of how it works. i can take up few more courses as money is not an issue and get started with a good salaried job. but i don't want to go there. sitting behind the desk and looking at computer and fixing things online is not my cup of tea. am looking for a job where i am directly meeting people and solving their issues. i wanted to be a doctor when i was growing up but that didn't happen so i dropped the idea after a while. the only issue i am dealing with right now is no work experience for many years. i think that's the reason no one is willing to hire me.

    i have been applying for both jobs that match my skillset and qualification as well as the ones i am over qualified for. i have no clue how to get a job! but i do feel frustrated now more often than i used to before. it seems this job hunting is taking up all my energy and attention and i have no time to attend to other activities/responsibilities in my life because i get exhausted both mentally and emotionally after having applied for various jobs every single day in hope of landing one opportunity that might change the course of my current situation. i am thoroughly bored of it now:((

  • Is there a job centre in your area where you can go to get help with finding a job?

  • Also I feel that you want a job to get out of your current situation, and not for its own sake, which is why you would find it difficult to attract one. You have to really want a specific job - the universe cannot know or give you what you want if you have so many options and directions.

  • you are right! i need a job to get my foot in the door and not for THE JOB itself. i have been to job centre many times in the past. they were not of any help:((

    i don't know how to trigger the process? what exactly do to move things around this situation.

  • Have you tried applying in person at any of the companies you want to work at, even if there are no advertised jobs or just going around your neighbourhood or CBD asking for work?

  • no i haven't done that yet because i don't know what direction to choose. i have been out of work for almost a decade. i want to work for people majorly, in a position where i can try to figure out what a person is going through and sit with them and discuss solutions, mostly mental and emotional issues that keep them stuck and not enjoy life to its fullest. i want to bring life back to people who have lost hope. i don't know where should i look for such jobs. i don't have any background in such area of work, except for a human resources degree in administration. psychiatry comes to mind but this is not exactly what i am looking for. am more looking to meet people who have gone through life altering situations and are feeling shattered and hopeless. i have no clue where i should look for such work!

  • HP, the Universe usually helps us get what we want - if it is in our best interests. But perhaps in your situation, it is not a job you need most but to face what is in your present situation that you want to escape from, and deal with it first. Could searching for a job just be a distraction from the real issue? Can you work successfully with shattered and hopeless people when you have problems in your own life that are unresolved? If you are unhappy or content in yourself, you will not have the ability to make others happy and content.

  • i don't think i am unhappy in my life. i never focussed on me and my needs and never really realized what i wanted from life and people around me. and i suffered a great deal because of it. it's only after i realized that only i can bring me happiness and no one else i decided to work (which was not in my remote thinking before). i am happy that i decided to work on this side of my life and i believe this is the first step to realize what i want and be more confident about myself.

    i don't know but i yearn to work for community, giving back, do something for society. it's an ongoing urge and i know i might not be able to do it right away and manifest it much later in life. but i will be very happy to pursue it some day.

    regarding work, do you think i am missing something? why did you say that i am unhappy and not content in my myself? i feel frustrated at times because i am not able to get a job despite of trying hard. and lack of it could be what is making me unhappy because i am still dependent on others for my regular needs. this is only concern i have at the moment. do you think i am missing something in my life that needs attention? is it about another area of my life that you think is unbalanced?

  • You need a more worldly perspective. Some job titles may reflect what you know you would be good at yet there can be requirements that are a reality....although, that can be not so written in stone. I have had positions that I did not have the proper degree for but I had a plump resume of experience that got my foot in the door. Between jobs I did volunteer projects and networked with people who were willing to write letters of recommendation. But back to changing your perspective, you can also use your talents in any job. But you won't have the fancy title. You can be that messenger of service in any workplace. The one who problem solves, brings out the best in others, does a little intuitive guidance as a mother figure to those in needs, be the Peacemaker and also the guidance who weeds out the destructive employee. You can be a leader in any job. When you serve with character spiritually minded folks notice and open doors for you. Do not limit yourself by feeling you must get the dream job outright. Do what you do best, use your gifts and just get out there where someone can notice.If you feel lack of job history bothers you and is your self esteem soft spot then just be active in volunteer do not need to commit to one that takes all your time but pick small things and maybe pick as well something a bit scary to show leadership. Employers have respect for people who are active and project minded. Offer to read to the children once or twice a month at a grade school. Go to a community college and sign up as a reading partner for adults who are trying hard to get past speaking a different language, they want to attend college classes but need help with English. Usually, you will get a one day training that comes with a certificate....and you can choose when you can meet a student for an hour. Connecting with colleges is always valuable part of projects. And save all the PR...the flyers with your name on them. Be will open doors and show you are multifaceted and not afraid to try things and number one it shows you have an enthusiasm for learning. Be part of a group that entertains at a home for the elderly and brings joy during the holidays. Save these documentations and fill your resume. Again, many of these things do not require all your time. I often did something for awhile then moved on. If you ARE meant to be more worldly and of service and do not get out there you will feel that missing part of you. I think you look too much at the big picture and get overwhelmed as if there is a great leap to be taken. Just build a foundation one little leap at a time. Scan the meet up dot com in your area, look for like minded projects. Stay fluid and moving. Luck is preparedness crossing paths with opportunity. Not everything you try will pan out and some things will not be fun but the beauty is you just move on and try a new venture. Always start by making it clear your time is limited in volunteer situations.....most organizations are grateful for any time you can spare. Also, if you ever truly do find a job you want badly, go after it. Don't let a rejection scare your enthusiasm ....keep trying. Show up with a smile and say just checking in. My husband did that when we were young and the jobs were slim pickins....he went there everyday for two weeks and was not rude or weird and a guy got fired and my husband was hired. Last year my youngest son was feeling very down after many rejections and his father told him that story, I must admit I was afraid my son might look like a stalker but he did the same thing....there was a family restaurant in walking distance and my son loves to cook. At first they said they did not need anyone, but he went in with a smile everyday just to check in. Then one day the owner called saying he had to fire someone and could he come right away and my son has been there over a . I share this just to help you not limit your thinking.Be ACTIVE. BLESSINGS!

  • Yes have you considered volunteering through charities or other helpful organizations?

  • I just read today where restaurants and stores are finally going back to donating food!!! It is very sad to be in a Publix's Store at closing time and watch them dump everything in their bakery in trash cans...if you offer to buy at a discount they say against their policy!!! There are calls for volunteers who will pick up food and deliver to food banks. AND I know writers and professors who read for homeless children or meet with adults to write poetry. The list is endless and as I said you do not need to commit to long hours or full weeks. If you are looking for a job that uses your humanitarian skills then first step is to live that life........a job will open up for you in that field. BLESSINGS!

  • thanks so much for reading and responding to my posts dear blmoon and captain.

    yes i do have volunteered in the past. but then i got so involved in this job hunt that i didn't have time to go for it, considering i have a family with children and elders to take care of and all the responsibility is on was getting very tired. also after a while i started giving it a try again and i started applying for volunteer spots in various organizations and all i heard was no. from so many of them. it seems universe is playing games with me, trying to frustrate me for reason unknown to me.i am currently not thinking of applying for any volunteer positions as i feel i am done with it. but it could be a temporary phase because i am frustrated because of said reasons, and i might try again at some time in near future. i was never focussed on creating material foundation for myself. i didn't feel the need to hoard even though i had good resources at my disposal and they only grew more with age. i am still happy, actually more than happy for what i have got in terms of material stability. i was more focussed on taking care of others needs. i still want the same kind of career! what's with this obsession?

    but you are right, if i go back and see how i have progressed by the necessity to pay attention to material stability has been highlighted in my life through various life events. even though i am still stuck at doing something where i am at service to community at large, i think universe is telling me to focus on more worldly needs that somewhere is buried inside me. then why this need is not prominent? even today i wonder what will i do with the money i am going to earn when i start working? i am not into fashionable clothing, not fond of big cars or houses or other material possessions. what will i do with the money? yes it will bring me a satisfaction and inner confidence that i am on my own and can sustain well without depending on others. but i could see how material in my life has grown from little to more to my current living situation where i can comfortably live a good life without striving for me.

    can you tell me why do i need to focus on material side of my life? what will it bring to me? i would rather like to understand where is it coming from when what i crave for is totally opposite of what universe is pushing me into as far as worldly life is concerned. i am actually at a stage in life where i want to wander and go deep into spiritual realms and wouldn't mind leaving everything for the same of it if i am given a chance. attachments are there too, but i feel i will let day! because the need to possess people/money/material has come down to a considerably minimum level. i want to sit and meditate and explore inner space. sometimes it makes me crazy as there is extreme pull in two opposite directions: pull towards exploring who i am and where i am headed because of deep intense inner longing and then towards working and creating a good stable financial base for myself because of the way life is intervening. what is it about?

    sorry for deviating from the original topic. i felt really pulled to ask this question as i have been in this dilemma for quite some time now and not able to find any valid answer until now.

  • HP, I feel this is about asserting your individuality and independence and finding your own path. Having your own money is one way to feel independent. Your family depends on you to look after them and the responsibility of others' needs is weighing you down. You need time to find out what YOU need and satisfy those wants. You need to explore your own nature that has been neglected for a long time in order to care for others. You need to discover what really makes you happy. If you need to get away or take a vacation to get some perspective, you should.

  • The vibe is contradicting. I was picking up you craving being of service. But it goes deeper than that. You crave being irresponsible!! I can relate....if you are not meeting creative needs it manifests in a restless stagnation weighing you down. As if somethings bottled up... but you have no idea what you want. Are you creative? But not creating?....creating can be irresponsible in the material's like playing....being free spirited like a child. When I do my best creative work it means letting go of other responsibility.. You need to go a little wild, explore something, go on a vacation with yourself or with an adventurous friend. . Try something new. Be wacky and don't care........something to make you laugh for a long time...take a belly dance lesson....investigate a haunted house tour........sounds like you are bored with yourself, the routine of chores well done day after day, being so responsible....the CARETAKER.

  • dear blmoon! yes i am creative! i have this inner urge to learn everything, keep learning and creating all the time. and i am very desperate to learn something new again and see myself working on it. it is that craving that never goes away no matter what you do to pacify it. i want to shun the role of caretaker and work what i like, what makes me feel that freedom that comes from doing what i want, not what i am supposed to do. i am very adventurous by nature, extremely passionate about living life to the fullest and everything that makes you feel alive. unfortunately, i don't remember when was the last time i felt myself indulging in such activity. you are right, i want to be irresponsible for a while. i still remember those days when i used to dance in rain with other kids during my teenage years back in my parents house. i want to live that again. i don't have a single friend, as i don't find people who want to do anything what i like, my thinking never matches with others around me so i am always experiencing conflicts with everyone around me. this has made me more quiet over years, but has increased my longing to free myself even more.

    captain, you are right too. i am seeking to assert my individuality through independence and that is the major reason why i want to work. i actually want to get back to my original self, that i used to live many many years ago. working has always been a passion for me, whether its cooking or cleaning or being creative artistically. i love what i do. but it seems i have been burdened by what i am doing for it seems ages now. i have stopped loving it altogether, because it is always about looking after the needs of others and most of the times it leaves you with no time to attend to your own needs.

    since i don't have any friends, vacation also happens when other family members have time, else it keeps getting postponed until people find it is required. i don't know where to go alone. i live ina foreign country, have no friends, haven't travelled ever alone, though i wish to but nobody will agree to it UNLESS it is for work and that's why i want to work!!!!!

    both of you make perfect sense to me. i am craving for more space for me time and where i am not responsible to answer people around me, my own creativity has been stunted for so long because of being in a rut. there is no enthusiasm to keep going. i want a clean break to start all over with a new mind and begin afresh. ah! i wish it happens!!!!!!

  • HP, I pulled one of my advice cards for you after asking your guides to lead me to the right one.

    Your card is -

    The Card of THE LAW OF CLARITY

    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Clarity. When you are totally clear about what you want, everyone around you picks up your 'message' and responds accordingly. Lack of clarity ties up psychic energy and keeps you in confusion. Clarity frees you to move forward and opens new doors of opportunity. There are two ways to activate the Law of Clarity. If you are feeling ‘lost’ and frustrated and cannot see which way to go - ask the Universe for help, then wait patiently and the path will clear for you. Then you will be able to make the correct move. The second way is to make a move in any direction. Use your intuition when making your move. It is important that you make a decision to move, regardless of how fearful or difficult it may seem. If you choose not to make a decision, then you have already made a decision. The word ‘decision’ comes from the Latin word ‘decedere’, which means ‘to cut off’. A decision cuts off other possibilities. You must then focus on the route you have chosen. The quickest way is to make positive, clear decisions, then implement them. Clarity opens doors to the future. Speak clearly to the Universe about your wants, needs and wishes. Clear thoughts and intentions draw from the Universe that which you require in your life. The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. To be clear about your thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, decisions, attitudes, beliefs and vision enables the Universe to honour your choice - if you manifest it clearly. If you are unclear, muddled, befuddled, groping in the dark, uncertain, confused, the Universe will mirror these manifestations of lack of clarity back to you keeping you in the dark. If you are truthful, honest, are genuine and have integrity then your intentions and desire are clear. People will respond with trust in you.

    So HP, I think you need to revise your decision to want to work to help others, since that is to take on more responsibility. And as Blmoon pointed out, you really desire LESS responsibility and more fun. You need to be clear on what you want and are asking for.

  • If you can... order this book called THE ARTIST''S WAY.....A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by JULIA CAMERON. ANY of her books are what you are looking for..This book is a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. She is well known in Hollywood and as a journalist for publications like The Rolling Stone and The Washington Post. A writer friend gifted me a copy 20 years ago and it changed my life....many colleges use it in their classrooms. I often reread it when I lose myself to fact I have been re-reading her follow up book right now called WALKING IN THIS WORLD The Practical Art of Creativity. Woman as caretakers, nurtures have a harder time maintaining and nurturing their OWN creative gifts. It's a struggle, I have never met a creative successful woman who has not had to struggle and juggle withe this issue. Follow the course, it will change your life. BLESSINGS!

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