My mind is obsessive and I need help!

  • I can't turn my mind off and it is all I think and worry about. I have talked about it plenty with those around me but it is not helping and makes me feel like it is actually hurting me more by doing so. I feel that I am obsessing too much that I can't even do anything else I enjoy. Thinking about it makes me feel good, but I think I am at a point where it isn't healthy for me.

    So if at all possible, I beg for a reading that may put my mind at ease about the future. Please, anybodyable to help?

  • Fear causes worry and obsessive over-thinking. And you are a Gemini which is one of the intellectual signs, so you are thinking oriented. What is it about your future that you fear?

  • My family has problems with infertility and my husband and I start trying soon but all I can think about is that it won't happen for us. We haven't even started yet but I can't even get my mind to drop the subject. I know I'm probably just acting stupid.

  • There is more behind this fear. Is it perhaps the fear of not knowing how to cope with raising a baby or fear of losing your husband if you don't fall pregnant or fear of looking inadequate or stupid - or what? What do you fear will happen if you do - or don't - become pregnant? Find your darkest fear and you will find your solution.

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