Fated Love - Who Is mine? Charmed Asks

  • Hi and thank you for even looking at this post. Means the world to me.

    I am asking about fated love. If any can see sense vibe insight me on who is mine?

    im a march 10 1972 born fish


  • Charmed, by your very unusual nature, you will never want or need a full time partner. Part of you needs to retreat from humanity now and then to restore your energies and reflect on your spirituality. I don't feel there is one single person out there who can satisfy all your needs - only you can do that for yourself. The odd lover or two will continue to pass through your life, giving you comfort when you feel lonely but I feel you are here in this life with such extreme sensitivity and multi-faceted personality that it takes more than one person to fulfill you. Other people are mostly irrelevant to your life learning. Yours is the way of the sage and the hermit, one who studies life and spirituality and finds answers from within, not without. You have brought with you from other lives all that you need to work through this lifetime and draw forth its lessons. It is only your human side that occasionally desires company - your immortal soul is more concerned with elevating your knowledge and pushing forwards your evolution. You are your own best partner and your spirituality is what satisfies and sustains you, not other people.

  • ANYone ELSE? PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Charmed,

    What I am getting is you are trying to power through to what's next - almost demanding what you want in a forceful way - but you must go through the step of resolving and clearing out the past first. If you do not, you will be blocking a new relationship from coming to you. There is a lot of emotion swirling within you from the last relationship. It's uncomfortable, but you must work through the emotions instead of trying to push them down and ignore them. Allow yourself to face the truth and FEEL the disappointment, upset, loss, despair, anger, etc. In doing this you will PURGE. You must surrender in order to go through this process and that is your biggest challenge as you love to be in control. In the end, once you have allowed yourself to go through all the emotions, the final step will be forgiveness. Not only of him but of everyone involved and most importantly, yourself. That is when you can begin to look for someone new to come along. There isn't just ONE person meant for you, dear Charmed. Soulmates come and go in our life and mostly show up to help teach us our life lessons. You will need to get out and be more social instead of falling into the trap of false safety with online relationships. Just go out with friends - have fun - enjoy yourself. Your energy and vibration will be high and you will attract someone at that vibration. But, first things first.....

  • I pulled these after my reading for you, but they seem to go very well with my reading...

  • Sorry, first card didn't come through....had to rotate it....

  • Thank you dear, Im trying to get "over" the one but fate keeps yanking me back as if unfinished business looms. HOWEVER ive taken great steps for my own good comfort.

    Right now im occupied babysitting my sisters dog, so loads of time goes to not thinking of the effing eff hahahahaaah

    thanx watergirl

  • FYI: i have NEVER been with the effing eff. My q was a q as to say where is the love for me, as fate yanks me back to that eff, n if it aint fated who what man is, i should have specified my q. I reckoned those who do read could see that, taught me to specify my questions hahahaahahaha

    No it was more a q on, since ive not had a guy in my life face to face up and down each other living together, if ya readers could see sense vibe who it migth be.

    FYI: im not for one night stands or shoert week months flings. Im for longhaul, im old fashioned that way. I must admit i got a tad offended bc to me it sounded like i am a flousy, a female casanova, it pained.

    I guess sometimes are readers not spot on, EFF who is, Im not either.

    Ladies i thank you for your time and energy. NAMASTE ladies


  • Hi Charmed,

    It wasn't that your question wasn't specific enough. I was shown a blank darkness when asking about a future love for you. Then I was shown a block that was keeping the light of the future out. The block is the "effing eff". Spirit won't answer your question right now for a couple reasons. First and foremost, because whatever future is out there for you will not be able to come to you until you clear the way. The attachment you have with the "effing eff" must be cleared! At this point, you keep getting pulled back because he has become a habit for you...a compulsion of sorts. You need to make a focused effort to break the pattern or you will stagnate in the place you are in which is literally NO-MAN'S land. Secondly, you need to understand that there are many options for you with regard to someone to spend your life with, not just one. That one or none thinking is what got you into your current mess. You wanted to think of him as the "one" and so held on for way too long. Even when it had become toxic for you. You have to get yourself into energetic alignment with what you want and then the opportunities will come to you - it's the basic Law of Attraction and I know I don't have to school you on that! It would also help if you accepted that the guy who will be in it for the "long haul" may come right away, OR, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. I have a feeling you will have to kiss a few frogs as a lesson to you from Spirit. Lastly, I am always shown you sitting in an ivory tower - isolating yourself - and on the computer. Spirit wants you to step out and get to know people face to face. The computer gives you a boundary that helps you feel safe. Vulnerability is an issue for you. You crave it but you also fear it. Think about your past relationships - weren't they all unavailable to you in some way? Either by distance, circumstance or just emotional unavailability? Anyway, I always get a message for you to get out and enjoy doing things with friends - it will put you in places and situations where you can actually MEET the new people who will be sent your way. Then you can work on that fear of getting close...

  • Charmed,

    your such a PIP...fire and brimstone I believe is the phrase...

    No one meant you any harm, you had asked a question and that was what they picked up. So don't get upset (even at me for chiming in) everyone is just helping out where they can.

    So now smile for me...a breath....there doesn't that feel better...(well I'm smiling at least)

    OK as you know it comes down to free will or choices...what choices have you made that you are not happy with?...step back and look at them. I know you have intuition... but you need a clear mind to see it.

    This is what I picked up, hopefully it helps...

    there was a big change and disruption...this blow up will allow you to change

    use your intuition...there is something sneaky going on

    after the struggle you will be able to see clearer

    there are obstacles...and you will uncover what happened

    your not putting your thoughts and actions in the right place, I don't know if spiteful is the right word, but you haven't recently put out positive energy to obtain the goals you want

    The good thing is you know you can...you can make happen what you want by thinking things through and making them happen...(feels like you stubbed your toe...shake it off, the pain goes away)

    knowing that you can make things happen in a good way will make you feel better...so act on it

    The guy you are worrying about...can be cruel and cause tears...

    there is a separation that causes you question yourself (be careful not to fall into the poor me's)

    you are definitely passionate...love or hate strongly (look for calm even thoughts)

    and being the dreamer, you want good things to happen, but you have to make the right choices for that to happen

    so smile, take a deep breath... and look at what you chose and why... maybe a little detached so the emotions don't get in the way...then think it through and make it happen. You know you can....



    No way I was going first! ; )...you have gotten some excellent responses. I feel a distinct energy that folks are genuinely fond of you even if you try hard at times to chase too much warm and fuzzy away! .I feel a positive change in your awareness and you are tired of the same old same old. Your question can not be answered in the way you wish. Spirit says you ask the wrong question. You have a nagging empty space (WERE'S MY MAN?), so empty that even fantasy is better than nothing. The "why me?: is not so much a punishment situation because if you surrendered to it ...as being a fact in the now, you should explore past the loss and ask ok, Lord, Angels, Guides.....if this loss, empty place is my life...WHAT is it's purpose?

    What life purpose, your purpose, would require personal space and extra solitude. You are creative, very extra creative. You could be very successful in many art genres. You have the talent, the big passion and depth of emotion but yo also need some craft and hard work, education, discipline and persistence. And space and solitude. You require spurts of creative fun gatherings with creative others who all inspire each other. You feel isolated but really you need to just seek your own kind. In the right world you are special, in another world you may be the odd bird. Feed your true self. If you surrender to having no man in sight and ask in prayer to fill that space with your purpose and if you followed that faith.....a man will show up, and he will fit in your world, your need for SPACE. You choose unavailable men because YOU require space and there is nothing wrong in that. The man will choose you because he see's your truth, you need space. He needs space and he is busy with his purpose so it's a match! When two people who prefer love from a distance get together before they evolve into finding their purpose they will create excuses for space. Get close then cruel to put some space.back. They will not trust, and will fulfill that prophecy by making things happen to create distance.. But mostly, the most wounded in childhood attach themselves to unavailable love objects.The Goddess takes the hand she's dealt and makes it work for her. You are lost in a state of loss. Trust God and your divine plan before birth to be fated. Have faith right now you are right were you are supposed to be. Sometimes you just have to give up on answers and just get down to action and deal with the reality of the now. What grand fate is this mate less state of being a perfect empty space for? What if it is the perfect plan to guide you to find your purpose. Maybe being happy comfy with a man right now does not serve you towards your true happiness and purpose at all? If you do not have another source of purpose first, your relationship will be too emotional and volital. You must honor your nature.....too much intimacy gives you anxiety. You need space and if you do find a tolerable man who is attentive and doesn't need space you will bite him and create outlets for anger. Practice filling empty space and you will attract a like mate who is busy in a good way just enough so you both get your space. Right now you are too available for men and so they bite you, cruelly to get you to back up. You can't change your attraction to men who must have space but you can meet them equally once you see your pattern. Faith is letting something go to open a space for what you desire. And it's always something really hard to let go of that brings you closer to what you desire. To find purpose is to let go of something that's scary to let go of. BLESSINGS!

  • Tarot Nick and BlMoon. It took me many a time to re read ur replies and get my head around it all. It all makes so much sense. Thank you to you both.


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