Can someone please help me understand this?

  • Bloom, thank you for your insights! I really do appreciate your time and the guidance offered!


    Well, I finally got the answers I have been searching for. It was all in my head. The way he sees it we were only friends. He has a beautiful family and his woman is a great mom, and he's never been happier. He feels like he is a lucky man. I wished him well, and accepted responsibility for my own pain. Some will probably feel like I deserve this. And please believe that I agree. I deserve this because I should never have resumed contact with him to begin with. Now I have been set straight by him, there is no choice but to move on. There is no more hope, I didn't ask for any, and won't beg. Now how do I not fall apart completely? The interaction with him made me aware of my unhappiness in my present life, and despite knowing I need counseling, I don't know how to move on and find my own happiness. I don't want to give anymore energy to this situation. I just wanted to share this with you, AstraAngel, Watergirl and Blmoon because of all the help you've given me. All I can say, is that you were right. Perhaps this is the justice seen in the cards? Anyway, thank you!

  • I am proud of you! Celebrate your AWARENESS! We can not change our many sides of human predicament but we can manage our unique selves...wounds and all! To make open in the light awareness with our shadow sides is empowering!. Forgive yourself! Be kind to yourself and do not let your ego choose shame or regret. A Goddess takes the sh itty hand she's dealt and grows roses! Hug that part of you that craves to LOVE....that is the basic craving in love to love. And you just need to find joy in loving that which loves you back. Love yourself. Choose to be loved. If you can grow from this event it is nothing to regret but a blessing. Spirit says NO REGRETS.....they serve only to attract abusive situations and self loathing. You are a good person and human. Work on healing yourself and then that will spill over to the relationships in your life...the real ones. Spirit says the higher self in you KNEW that man was unavailable and your shadow side finds safety in that......go to that place in you that fears closeness as much as craves it and it will heal your current relationships. It's all good and you are right on path, so yes move forward. Deepak Choprha just started a new 21 day free meditation, start your LOVE journey and join.BLESSINGS!

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