Can someone please help me understand this?

  • I drew the justice, the high priestess and ace of cups as the outcome of a relationship. I know that both justice and the high priestess relate to balance, but how does the ace of cups factor in? I've read, too, that justice can be about karma, getting what you deserve due to past actions. Also the high priestess can be about intuition and gaining hidden knowledge.

    I have asked about this relationship before. Right now the direction has been positive, but still in a holding pattern. Can anyone please provide insight on this reading? I am at a loss at its meaning. Thank you for your help!

  • Hey Scorpiette I will give you my 2 cents - this says to me

    measure (justice) + share (communication) + begin play (begin a play-fun-feeling)

    outcome based on this would be a pause while we "measure" communication so this sounds like some real earnest communication "about" beginning feelings - and this is also being evaluated or weighed out - measured for some reason - so that would tend to drag matters out i think -

    so for example in a dialogue it would sound something like this:

    you: hey can we talk about our beginning feelings for each other? i want to measure that!

    your partner: okay we can measure our beginning feelings while we communicated about this - so what do your measurements show Scorpiette?

    you: oh I am getting good measurements! how about you partner?

    your partner: oh me too! Lets keep communicating about this and I will keep measuring the depth of our feelings or how sincere you seem to be!

    you: okay! i will do the same and we can keep communicating - forever!

    so it seems to hold things up into "measure-limbo-land" to me although something is trying to get started in feelings - I would want to know why the justice-measuring is so important? usually justice shows up with injustice memories a lot of times - so we have to process out our feelings there which can take time - has there been anything happen in the relationship that caused some hurt feelings at some point? I am just curious how the justice is entering in here

  • Thank you AstraAngel! Yes there is something from our distant past. He said he had moved on from that, but I think there is still pain there. I hve heard the pain in his voice when we spoke about the past. I literally walked away from him when we were kids, and did not look back. I asked him ij our last conversation did he have any feelings for me. His answer was only that he remembered when he did. In addition to our current relationships, I think he is afraid of me because of what I did to him in the past. He is guarded with his feelings. I see it in the cards and can hear it when we do speak. Yet I can also sense his desire to try again. Does this additional information help you with your interpretation?

    Thank you for your assistance!

  • Oh, and what role does the ace of cups play in all of this?

  • I have a psychic input from your cards and your post. I get that you are reading him deeper than necessary and your fear is not as real as you imagine. What you hear in his voice is not a long standing wound at all. In fact he rarely thinks of the event YOU dwell on. He is like most men.....they tend to not rehash old retrospective like women. His tone was the discomfort of you bringing him back to the past and opening a door he prefers not going through. He's a grown man and really can't relate at all or really remember who he was as a child. AND he does not see you as that girl.....truth is he is not sure who you are and his nature is cautious....he can't be rushed. and needs a slower pace and not to feel he is being stage fright.....he senses an intense attention on him. And isn't that true? You are trying too hard to read him. And being a Scorpio, remember you have a intensity that at times has a person step back a bit even if they do wish to get closer. Start fresh, live in the moment and avoid asking him for a "feelings check". Let him open up slowly, he needs to get to know you and you need to start fresh. Avoid past revisits. Just share thoughts in the now, laugh, share the things that made your dead. His resistance will soften in a accordance with how much you push. Fill your cup with something he will reach for. Be your real self and be vulnerable knowing he may not want what you offer. You ask him before he even knows. Give him room. Pretend you two just met and recognize you are different, you get to the point, are impatient and want answers, you need things to make sense. He moves slower, takes his time deciding but is sure when he does decide. He knows how easily emotions change day to day. Also, you can believe his honesty so trust him and do not look for trouble that doesn't exhist or trouble will be manifested....justice. He means it....he really is past all that! BLESSINGS!

  • The ace of cups (to me) would seem to say something new in feelings developing for one another! "To me these things that happened to us - that drove us apart - will turn out to be the best thing that could have ever happened for you and me " i hope that is his heart to you it sounds that maybe

    so ace of cups I say it means a new beginning for the two of you! why not it is summer and that is the season of love 🙂

  • Remember that Justice is impartial - there is always one side who feels the decision is not fair. I see the High Priestess coming through as a female energy - Goddess energy. And the Ace of Cups as a child. The outcome of this relationship cannot be determined as it involves his free will and at this point he has not made a decision. You read too much into the situation and your ego gets too involved when trying to read the cards for yourself.

    Yes, Justice does sometimes point to karma. But not just of karma being resolved. We are also constantly creating our future karma. This will come through as sounding very judge-y, but you need to take some time to consider why this man is so important to you after all these years and more importantly, how you feel about your husband. Regardless of whether or not your old flame leaves this woman, you should resolve things with your husband. Either choose to leave him because the relationship is over for you, has run its course - REGARDLESS of if you have someone else's arms to fall into, or make a commitment to at least be honest with him and see if the two of you are both willing to do some work to try to make it work.

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel!

    That was the information I have been searching for...his frame of mind and his true feelings. Interesting...I read somewhere that the high priestess can mean that a woman will provide hidden knowledge...hahaha. I see that's accurate. Defenitely not what I was hoping to hear arbut welcomed nonetheless. You are so right about the whole Scorpio intensity thing. I don't think I know how to be anything but intense. Also there's always that need for deep probing and analyzing. He's a Cancer so I am learning that my ways don't play well with him most likely. Of course there's so much that I haven't shared on this very public forum. I say thst to say that I've given him every opportunity to walk away but he continues the connection. Which in turn allowed me to hope. What your insight has provided was much needed clarity. So thank you once again. Your thoughts on this is very much appreciated! !!

  • Thank you Watergirl! Everything you've said is accurate. I can't even begin to answer the questions you posed. That should tell me that I need to walk away. I think for years I have expected Karma to be a factor because of my own guilt. Believe it or not, it's something I have kept alive all this time. Then when I finally made the opportunity to set it right, I let myself believe that I could try again with him...make different choices...go back and relive my life. Maybe he played along...short of him telling me that. ..I know I may never know. I know all of this is crazy to those who have never experienced this, but there are others like me who try to relive the past with old flames. You would truly be surprised. Sometimes it works...not usually in under my circumstances, but it's not that farfetched. There's a lot about his part in this I have not disclosed. But, of course, he is a man and I know the game is often played differently and with different objectives

  • Oops. ...anyway. ..I just want to say thank you for the guidance. It is very much appreciated, Watergirl!

  • Interesting! I did not detect a spouse at all and for me that says he does not exist for you....there is an unspoken agreement on both ends. Why? You can not escape this part of your nature by chasing another dead end...funny that word dead showed up in my post as a typo and made me laugh yet spirit said oh no typo! I didn't get it until now. No new relationship will change what you ignore about yourself. To live in a state of guilt that is not real says something about your relationship with choose to feel bad. And you choose to live alone.....even if the room is filled with sabotage offers of love. My advice only touches the be grounded in the NOW and staying out of your head is good advice but not sure you can see why it works . Sometimes even the best of psychics can not shorten one's journey to self awareness. My prayer for you is to know you are a good person........we all do bad things but it does not make us a bad person. Forgive yourself more. Get out of your head!! For children who were once trapped in a harsh adult reality..... living in their head was a safety net of smart survival....but as an adult it stunts the ability to experience intimacy and that is a human need that craves and craves. You are entitled to be loved. Love was not taught you in an unconditional form. You create safety nets of detachment and distance in your relationship choices. I pray you heal this aspect of yourself as otherwise you will crave the very closeness that as well terrify s you. BLESSINGS!

    PS...GREAT read Watergirl! I'd pay you! You hit it about misleads folks sometimes into a righted wrong thinking when often it's just cause and effect. Intention revealed when ignored. Much more expansive thinking than folks imagine.

  • Blmoon, thank you! I just realized you posted earlier. It was early and I couldn't see clearly, but thank you for your time and guidance. Again, everything you said about is so right. The husband is wonderful and loves me to death. He is in reality most women's dream, handsome, successful and faithful. The other man while justas handsome, is a question mark. On paper everything I do know about him tells me to run. The choice many years ago was between the 2 men. I chose safety and security at a young age. I knew then as if guided by invisible forces that the other man and I would destroy each other. Everything he's shown me thus far lead me to believe I made the right choice. But the right choice has left me empty and dead inside. It was stability at the cost of true happiness, passion and my sense of self. The contact with the Cancer reawakened everything I thought had died long ago. I am me agin with him, despite the distance between us. We are so alike in so many ways. This may have been the danger I saw years ago. I don't know where I go from here, how to move on. I feel trapped by my teenaged choices. Any advice...anyone? I know I must learn to love myself, but homestl don't know how or where to begin. Blmoon, you were accurate about the childhood as well. I just feel lost. I do see how he is not the answer, and I can let go, but then what?

    Thank you for all the help and allowing me to vent!

  • Wanted to add...yes, I am always alone even surrounded by others. Maybe I will always be alone and unable to feel. That's the attraction. ..he makes me feel again.

  • You may not remember but I told you before that this is not really about your's about you. But you haven't been ready to make the switch from the external to the internal. What I would like you to digest is that even if you got back together with your ex, it would not magically change anything. You would wind up right where you are now. Relationships are a mirror to us of ourselves so if you do not do the internal work you will continue to create the same dead end. Once again, your ex is not the cure to what "ails" you, he is just another symptom of it. I know how seductive that thought can be....the magical cure of the love from another. And your husband is also not the cause of the dead feeling you have inside. You must have the courage now to let go of the fantasy of your ex and delve into the inner work that will be the real magic for you.

    I suggested you forget about your ex for now and focus on your relationship with your husband because it will be a start for you. If you are honest with him about what you are feeling (or not feeling, for that matter), it would most likely be the impetus for counseling. If you are not ready to be honest with him, then at least be honest with yourself and sign yourself up for some personal therapy sessions.

    It's not easy, but you are ready and you can do it.

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  • Thank you, watergirl18! Makes sense!

  • Awareness is key to choice. Once you face what is hidden about yourself you can make a choice from your head and not follow the compulsion of your wound. I had a similar childhood wound and have been there. I know your wound. What you can't see is that your predicament is chosen by you subconsciously. You crave love yet the wound closes you off. You do not feel safe, you do not trust are stuck in your wounded child . This means you follow compulsions that contradict. You have a safe partner that does not force intimacy on you....meaning he probably has your same wound. Unfortunately the spirit will not accept that lie and yes you crave LOVE and to truly love one must be very vulnerable. All true loving relationships HURT sometimes but endure because true love endures the little slights and is unconditional. People with your wound close up after a hurt.....the child in you says...see, not safe. All or nothing. Also , since you interpreted that treatment as your fault, you decided as a child you are not lovable and until you start there you will create a self fulfilled prophecy. This is awareness, when your head leads and overrides your the same way an addict MUST make a choice over a destructive urge...urges are all feelings. Start choosing from the head. You need to go cold turkey for a while and it will feel as miserable as any withdrawal. Stop all forms of fantasy, loving in your head a dead lie. Be alone with yourself. This process will bring long held in pain and anger but needs to be released or else it will continue to lead your life through self created pain and loneliness and even attract relationships that give excuses for fighting and anger release. Be brave enough to live inside yourself, with only yourself. You came into this world with passions and purpose. Find that in yourself. No man can fill that empty place. Your wings were clipped, you feared showing your power by parents who as well feared being happy. The empty feeling is YOU. The right counselor can help. I had a trusted psychic and spent years trusting books and spirit help. And I was not on board totally with the truth at first....I really past up a lot of opportunities to hear the truth but if you ignore that eventually you will hit that wall of denial like a huge train wreck. And the feeling of shame and self loathing at being so blind will be rock bottom with no way but WIL learn to love yourself.......may even get very cynical about men.....fantasy will no longer work. I equate this pat of the journey as the desert. Going into the desert precedes the painful reckoning of awareness but ALSO you come to a place of GRACE and RESURRECTION! Just like EASTER! Expand your thinking indeed! You are not alone.......your path is universal for many. And the shadow of you seeking clarity.....the truth will set you free.....go into that dark place......allows the misplaced pain anger and hurt to release in a self loving way that does not involve others. Take long walks, dance, have crying spells, anger spells.......give that wounded child trapped in you a VOICE....she needs to be heard and loved and entitled to her power. BLESSINGS! Pray for will be answered!

  • Blmoon, thank you for taking the time to offer your guidance in my situation. You will never know how much I appreciate your kindness.

    Everything you've said is pretty much true. The only exception is that it's not my husband, but the other man who I believe shares the same wound. I have always been honest with them both about who I am. My husband has respected the damaged areas of myself, so he's respected the distance I have kept him at all these years. I think the other man most likely forgot what I had shared. But in him, I know, and can feel that the same thing exists. This, too, is part of the attraction. I feel as if we are kindred spirits. I can feel his pain, and not just what I believed I had inflicted on him, but from his own childhood. I can sense his weakness, and his determination to keep hold on his sanity. When, either you or watergirl18 suggested that I be vulnerable to him, my first thought was that there's no way I can allow that. You're right, I don't trust love, I crave it, but I don't trust it. This may be due to a childhood spent being told that I was not loveable, through no fault of my own. In fact, the renewed contact with the other man lead me on a journey of self-discovery. I know that therapy is necessary, I've been told that many times before. I know that I will get through this, as I have other things in the past. If nothing else, I am definitely a survivor. I have made the decision to go cold turkey, no contact with the other man. No contact is the easy part, since he's not exactly trying to breakdown my door. It's the thoughts that I must work on. Maybe it's too soon to tell, but today thoughts of him have brought me no comfort. I have lived in a fantasy world all my life. I can only cope with reality when I am able to look forward to what I believe maybe better. I see now how that's what I've done with this situation. I have kept him alive all these years to cope with the life I chose for myself. I will be ok, I have to be. I will work on myself. Thank you so much for your time and help with this!!!!!!

  • Hi, everyone!

    Nothing new to report. I do come back an reread the posts on this thread so that I can continue to follow the advice that was so kindly given to me by AstraAngel, Watergirl18 and Blmoon. It all makes sense and I am trying to make the application to myself.

    As I read the messages today, I felt the need to make an additional reply to some of what was said previously. When I mentioned the pain I heard in his voice about the past, I think the response was that I was misreading him. Now, this may sound like justification on my part, and maybe it is, but I am not the one who brings up the past, he is. I made my initial apology very early on, and he said he had moved on from that and forgiven me long ago. Yet, he continues to bring up the past, and says what I did not allow to happen between us. He talks about what could have been had I stayed with him. He's even said how he believes his life could have been different with me in it, how he could have done so much more (and by most estimations, he has achieved what can be considered at least career success). I hear the pain when HE brings up this subject. In actually, I try to stay clear of the past. I show no jealousy about his current relationship. I ask no questions, unless he divulges intimate details about HER. HE shares his feelings about HER, without my prompting. HE has revealed that HE does not love HER or really wants to be with HER, but for the child. I asked him about his feelings for me, only because HE called me almost out of the blue(when I was at the point of giving up any hope of him) and immediately started sharing intimate details about his life. The tone of his conversation was that he would be with me but for this current situation. I can imagine that I may have come off to many reading my posts as possibly a deranged stalker chasing after this man. I keep a respectful distance. Yes there has been the infrequent email or text from (maybe every few months since this whole thing started). But he has done the very same. Short of revealing all the dialogue that's transpired between us, he has been a willing participant in this situation. I tell him repeatedly to tell me that this isn't what he wants, but he keeps the connection open. He contacts me, and I start hoping all over again. I have just been trying to make sense of what is happening, because after these exchanges, he disappears.

    I know I must let go, Last month I had a general reading just to get a sense of where my life was heading. That reading was surprisingly very positive. In it I had 3 aces, wands, cups and pentacles, I was the page of wands, my outcome was the hanged man and the advice was 2 of pentacles. My reader said that I was to be positive about the future, and if I did so that I would have everything I had hoped for.

    Right now, I have gone cold turkey, no new readings. I am listening to the guidance given above. I am determined not to initiate any contact with HIM (about a month now since our last exchange). It's only the beginning, but I am trying to work on myself. I know the tone of this post is somewhat defensive, but it's important for me to let you all know that I'm not as delusional as some might think. At the very least, maybe what I have misinterpreted from him is a desire to be serious. But this has not been one sided. I am very strongly intuitive. Maybe not psychic as some here, but my hunches most of my life have often been correct. I even wonder if I have empath abilities, because of how strongly I can sometimes feel the energy of others and correctly know things about them. I cannot read accurately for myself, but I do believe and feel strongly, that he has kept this connection alive as well all this time(I may have concrete evidence of this that he is unaware that I have knowledge of).

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this and for all the help I have received on this board!

  • Good for you for finding a balance between open to receive and retreat into silence....listening to your own gifts! As for the contradiction in his bringing up the subject if it indeed caused discomfort and you sense it in his tone. He HAD buried his way that is how he let it go. Out of mind. Out of sight and with great effort he let it go. If we walked around in awareness of every hurt or anger from the past we could not function. Once you reopen that door of course it takes one back and because it's been so long out of mind it raises questions. I can look at pictures of myself at many ages and because I change and grow I am often clueless to how I really felt at 10, 15. 25. 35 etc. ........Memory is a relative thing and follows the emotions of the moment. He's going through a remembering

    whether he wants to or not. And you sensing his discomfort....that was real as he did not want to open that door but it was opened. You had said you did not want to cause him discomfort so each of you stepping back was a solution....the situation calls for space, both of you tending to your relationships with yourselves and also dealing with the wound that binds you. People can have more than one emotion at the same time and people can have a desire yet contradict it. It's all or nothing for a lot of out of balance people.....they must bury it or let it consume them obsessively. I sense this man is like that. He has trust issues........he detaches. Solve your marriage and heal. Empaths need to have a strong sense of themselves or they can take on other's emotion not knowing what they are feeling doesn't belong to them. That's another long post! BLESSINGS!

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