Look into this for vertigo,

  • Blmoon, I was in a car accident a few years back and I had hit my head as well. I just looked up the technical term try this web page: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/bppv/bppv.html. There is a gyro scope that holds crystals near your ears, after a blow sometimes they come out and go into the hairs of the ears. This will make your body think your moving when you’re not; or if I sleep on my back and turn quickly the crystals come out and you get dizzy and in some cases sick. There is an exercise to help them go back into the sack. Your eyes will tick or twitch in a certain movement which could tell which quadrant the crystals have come out of. I was browsing one of your threads…thought this might help.

  • I had vertigo about ten years ago....it was awful! It lasted for two years. I would get bed spins at night and if I moved my head too quick when up the dizziness was so bad I had to hold on. I had hearing problems and sometimes had an echo that went wawawawa....I lost my joy in music because it was so screwed up. Trying to understand people was exhausting. I saw two specialists, had an MRI and hearing tests. First doc said most likely my allergies or a cold congestion went too far and burst my cochlea and it was permanent...no cure. The hearing tech said I lost my low end of hearing which made men harder to understand : )........the second specialist gave no tests, just said I had vertigo and handed me a one page flyer with an exercise that guided you to actually go into your dizzy spell not fight it. In other words roll with it until it passes. I cussed all the way home and just decided to forget the medical field and research online as well as go deep into my own intuition. I did find some interesting links to congestion issues. I read that coffee was an excellent help for some folks and I tried two cups in the morning and no more vertigo or ear distortion!!! And the first doctor was positive my hearing issue was permanent! I also realized that about the time the vertigo started was not long after I gave up sudafed in the mornings....something I did for twenty years but my age was getting to the place were I had to watch my blood pressure so I gave up the sudafed which is a good decongestant but is a stimulant so I began just taking clarItin. I will look at the sight you sent....thank you for thinking of me. . I pray for help everyday!! BLESSINGS!

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