Very stressed/worried. Would like a reading Please!

  • Im about to graduate from veterinary technology school. I was suppose to graduate moths ago but I had to finish almost 100 volunteer hours I needed b4 I can graduate. anyway I will be finishing my last 6 hours tomorrow. I just noticed on the school website that volunteer hours must be submitted within 30 days after completing them. but I have saved all the volunteer time sheets over months, because I was going to turn them in at one time. My graduation is coming up and im worried the hours wont count and i will have to do them over. will they make exception for me? iv had several delays in this program, which has costed me years, and now this!

  • You need to go talk to someone at the school - or call them. This isn't something to turn to a reading for...just gather your courage and go see someone at the school.

  • Yes I was planning on calling or going in this coming week.

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