To the most caring and helpful person Astra!

  • Hi Astra,

    First i would like to congratulate you for your help and caring in this forum. I have seen over a year now that you still have that caring touch to help, who ever asks you for a reading. Thank you on behalf of all of us.

    Myself is going to ask for your help to if you have time please.

    I would like a reading on behalf of a relationship that i have and at the moment is having some difficulties. would things work out/? would this relationship go any further what are his issues and if i should give up? DOB mine 10 sep 1968 and his 7 may 1959. Thank you Effie

  • to the most caring and helpful tarot question asker person ever 🙂

    hey gino26 I did look at a bunch of cards for you and everything seemed like you two were trying to reach a 6 pentacles sort of relationship which is more gentle social flowy and relaxes some of the 4 nature security concerns - you both have 5's in your past so you are working through viewpoint concerns maybe? what do you think? (and I may not get right back to a reply however I will try and check back)

  • Hi astra. Thank you for your kind words and that you show your kindness to all of us. yes you are right on what you saw. we do have our past issues which i think that is what gets in the way of us getting to a more serious relationship. we have tried to talk things out. we see what happens... if you have time in the next few days can you please look at the cards and tell me if things are going to work out. Thank you effie

  • ASA071414_GINO26

    Question: "if things are going to work out for her and her bf?"

    --- 5K* 1 A --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    --- | --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    --- * * --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    --- 7 G 3X0 --- --- --- 9E| --- --- --- --- ---

    --- ||| --- --- --- | --- --- --- --- ---

    --- 0 0 --- --- --- | | --- --- --- --- ---

    --- X^P --- 800 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    --- 0|0 --- 0 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    --- ^^^ --- 0 0 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    4K| 6*S 2^Z --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    ^ ^^^ --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    • 0^0 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    If I were a betting man I would say no - mainly because there is a substantial suppressed areas in the relationship (seen across the bottom row kappa-alpha + Sigma (aquarian parent theme) + Epsilon (viewpoint parent theme)

    Ahead there is really nothing indicated only a emotion viewpoint expectation in path-role and emotion-fun-play themes - so unless you and your partner just love analyzing the relationship I would say not a lot is indicated here in terms of a passionate wish for the relationship to really go places (whether it "works out" is really a product of YOU + HIM desire for it to work - do YOU want it to work out? Does HE? In this reading there is not much indicated there coming from either of you

    There appears to be a history in the relationship of suppressing some important relational needs for the two of you and that includes:

    PATH transitions - are you able to talk freely and openly about taking the relationship in new directions? Apparently not

    STAR themes - and this could include tarot and anything else you are into and maybe he isn't? that can be a problem if either of you are suppressing Aquarian and ethereal themes - or maybe he is into UFO's and you are not in which case HE is holding that in

    RELATIONAL themes in general - and this looks like the dealbreaker to me and this being free to discuss relationship concerns in an open and free and nice way without someone running away or clamming up - this alone would really cause me to conclude this relationship will always have concerns unless you both can talk ABOUT your relationship - this is not being allowed or someone is suppressing the discussion

    i think YOU have a real desire to see this work out however unless he is really able to be totally open and clear out some of this suppressed areas it will not be easy for you to "make it" work out

    Hope that helps! I am usually very optimistic about any relationship working out as long as there is a genuine interest by both AND no one is being gagged by their partner - if that is going on then no relationship will last in a true sense - there may be an outer physical pretending - however the inner heart connections (that is the true relationship not the physical part) will be dead without open sweet communication and connection in your dialogue patterns

    There is a little tower building going on too with the epsilon alpha (viewpoint on path) stacking on top of the delta-beta (nurture play) in the setting - so that means that that area is trying to be controlled or made "permanent" (tower building) and that means that the emotion-play foundation and the viewpoint on the path of emotional foundations is being controlled or locked down - someone could be not wanting to talk is my guess and that is in the present setting (so present settings will simply become future realities unless changes are made)

    I hope that helps? take it with a grain if salt they are only cards and it is my interpretation so you still should come to your own conclusions which of course will be more accurate than anything I can share


  • Hi Astra,

    Its been a while since I've been on this forum.

    I just wanted to update you on the reading you did a while back. Your reading did come out true. he wasn't and isn't ready to talk or discuss anything. he has suppressed everything. I really wanted to give you the heads up for the reading you did for me..I did try to make things work out but eveytime I got a slammed door in my face lol... got to laugh a bit too.

    Can i ask you another favor please? Can you do me another reading for a man that I'm interested for a while now? If yes can you please tell me if anything will happen or am i waiting again for nothing? please if you have time. i know that you dont do readings anymore but I'm counting on your kindness .

    thank you effie

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