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  • Dear Captain

    I would love a general reading from you. My birthday is 21/05/1993. I would be greatful if you could also touch on love life and My life purpose/challenge, if possible.

    Much appreciated!!!


  • KatrinaV, your personal mantra for life should be “Accept myself to accept others”. You need to understand and accept that offering help to other people and receiving support back is fundamental to your psychological growth. Learning to balance giving and receiving is a life challenge for you.

    You are defined by your courage in the face of opposition and by your 'can-do' attitude in the pursuit of your dreams. Your natural confidence may inspire jealousy in those who feel less in control of their own lives but it gives you the head start you need to achieve your goals. You have a refreshingly upbeat approach to life and, when you are on your game, things should seem much easier and challenges less daunting. Actually no challenge should be too much for you. This is because not only do you have wonderful ideas and talents, you also have the discipline to persevere. You are not just a dreamer and also a doer who rolls up her sleeves and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

    Whatever line of work you are involved in, you are unlikely to be standing on the sidelines because you are at your own happiest and your best when you are battling your way physically, mentally and emotionally toward progress. It is very important for you to get into the driving seat of your life because, if you can find the strength to take action, the chances are extremely good that you will succeed. Careerwise, you are a born inventor. Your visionary and practical tendencies augur well for finance-related careers and also for the more unusual realm of technical invention. Your sensitivity may draw you toward humanitarian work and your desire to improve the human condition to careers in social reform, politics, law, and educational research. Your creativity may also draw you to a wide range of artistic endeavors, in particular art, music, acting, writing, and journalism. Your were born to investigate, develop and implement your ideas. Your life lesson is to learn to take time out to recharge your mental and physical health.

    Katrina, you are here in this lifetime to use your naturally expressive energies to give rise to a unique form of creativity. You are gifted with a facility of mind that manifests itself in a quick wit, the enjoyment of language, and technical proficiency. It is your task to put these skills to some extraordinary and productive use, to put your ideas into action so that you may contribute something original to the world. You must learn to hear your inner voice of inspiration, your intuition, and to act upon it. When it speaks to you, you know it in your heart and it is for this that you truly live. Feeling spirit moving through you, you become your most authentic and are best able to ignore your ego's demands. To accomplish this rather lofty aim, you must learn how to become a channel for ideas or creativity that is greater than yourself. This level of inspiration comes from only one place - you must learn how to communicate directly with the Divine/God/spirit. Doing everything the same old way will never really satisfy you - it is your fate to express new or possibly untried approaches whether in the arts, politics, education, or even simple everyday tasks. Use your tremendous need for physical activity and your creativity to help quell your restlessness and boredom. Your core lesson is to develop a means of communicating directly with spirit and to lose the need for recognition. Your goal is to operate from an authentic source of inspiration, using your gifts of mental facility, passion, and originality to achieve happiness and success.

    For you, life can become a neverending search for stimulation. You will need to find a way to calm your hyperkinetic energies. If stimulation fails to bring enlightenment in its wake, you may stumble a little on your life journey. You tend to learn by imitation and much of the image you present to the world may be made up of characteristics, costumes, and witticisms culled from those you admire most. Still, you do run the risk of never developing much more than an image if you don't slow down from time to time and delve beneath the surface of life. Clever and very gifted when it comes to matters of style, trends, and presentation, you would make a wonderful performer, public speaker, or harbinger of fashion. Yet, if you are to realize the fuflillment presented by your lifepath, you will also have to learn that the real excitement of creative endeavour lies in the joy of being a channel for the Divine Spark, not in the admiration and attention of others.

    What you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. You want the total agreement of everyone around you - for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognise your positive motivations. To achieve this, you try to manipulate people into thinking your way. Using your talent for understanding others, you think you can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with you. But it doesn't work; in order to reach your goals, you need to refocus your attention on your own truth. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, situations in which you find yourself come into harmony. When you live and speak from your higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are compatible. As you act in accordance with your higher truth, others who are similarly attuned understand you and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as you share the same spiritual values.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a need for mental security. ("If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they'll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure.") This can lead you into the trap of a never-ending search for information, ("If I can just get enough facts, I'll be able to find the 'truth' and then I will know what to do.") But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. You need to let go of control and heed your own intuition. Trusting and acting from your OWN truth brings out your integrity, which will draw the right people to you and help you to gain the security and peace of mind you seek. You must go beyond logic to your intuition and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Having faith in your spiritual guidance will lead you to gain a correct perception of what is going on around you.

    Until the age of thirty, there will be an emphasis in your life on learning, study and communication and, because of this, you were probably an alert and quick learner at school or college. Your ability to learn quickly may have worked against you however as you may have become restless or bored with formal education or training, and your early years may have been difficult as a result because other people could not relate to your ingenious turn of mind. After the age of thirty, there will be another turning point which shifts your perspective toward emotional security and stability, and it is during these years that you are most likely to come into your own. As long as you are careful that your confidence does not turn into conceit, there is very little that can stand in the way of your success.

    Socially inclined, you should be quite popular with others - just don't get too busy for love. In affairs of the heart, you have a tendency to expect other people to fall in line with your own demands. Once you have learned the importance of give and take in a relationship, nevertheless, you make a generous and committed partner. You like devoted relationships and are happiest when in one. You have a natural passion for adventure and thus need a fellow co-adventurer to accompany you through life.

    Healthwise, you can be a bit of a human dynamo and, even though your energy and optimism may seem limitless, you need to make sure you recharge your batteries with healthy food, a consistent amount of - but also moderate - physical activity and plenty of sleep. If you don’t take care of you and keep imposing unnecessary pressures on yourself, you may increase your risk of stress and heart disease and, in extreme cases, reduce your life expectancy. You may also be prone to disorders of the throat or voice. It is extremely important for you to take a consistent amount of vacations and to make sure that you have at least two clear days away from work a week or else you may burn out. You would benefit greatly from mind-body therapies such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and aromatherapy massages. Geranium is an essential oil that is an ideal uplifting and balancing scent for you. Wearing, surrounding yourself with, and meditating on the colour purple will encourage you to slow down and focus on higher things.

    2014 for you is a year to nurture both yourself and others. The vibe this year for you is one of protection and benevolence. Home and family matters will be front and centre. It is a time to counsel, console, guide, and give assistance to family members and friends. Some sacrifice may be asked of you in this area. The focus this year is on relationships. You are likely to find your relationship with those near and dear to you growing ever closer and stronger this year, while any relationship that is no longer of mutual benefit will come under the microscope and may actually terminate (if it hasn’t already ended during 2013). This is a very auspicious year to begin a marriage if you have a steady partner. It is a time when you may be concerned with taking care of your home, perhaps decorating, buying furniture, or even finding a new home. It is also worthwhile in 2014 to personalize your environment with family photographs, fresh flowers, or treasured objects and artifacts. Consider taking courses that focus on your well-being and balance. If you have ever wanted to paint, sing, act, or play a musical instrument for pleasure, this is also favoured in 2014. You may find yourself "spread thin" this year, as you will be needed in many areas. 2014 should be fairly free of occupational and financial problems.

    Good luck to you, Katrina!

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