Captain/Shuabby/Watergirl - Please Some Insight?

  • Hello all, I haven't logged into this website in a really long time, but I thought I would give it a try again.

    I've been single for a few years now, and I'm wondering if anyone will come my way in the form of a permanent relationship anytime soon? I've been concentrating a lot on myself, including going back to school and finding a lot of inner peace, but now I'm ready for someone to be in my life so I can start the next chapter.

    I've dated a few guys here and there, but absolutely nothing serious. Just looking for some insight to see if anyone might come my way?

    Thanks in advance!

  • The people you attract are mirroring your vibrations. There is some resistant part of you that doesn't want to get serious with anyone yet. I feel in you a contentment with being single in that you don't get drawn in to the whole 'hassle and responsibility' of relationships. Part of you asks if you aren't better off being alone and free.

  • Captain, you are so right. I do sometimes feel like it may be better to be single, or I question if I really want the drama of being in a relationship. However, the other side of me wants to start the next chapter in my life and move onto being with someone and having that "partner". I guess I'm tired of being single and alone. I don't know how to start attracting or sending out that positive energy. Guidance?

  • Maybe you could ask the Universe to send you someone who is sensitive to when you want company and when you want to be alone? Someone who is not needy and doesn't put heavy commitments or pressures on you, someone who has an independent side and activities/interests of his own to occupy him when you are busy. You don't even have to live together - just see each other when you want...

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