Could I get some Insight?

  • Hi, I haven't logged into this website in a really long time, but I thought I would give it a try again.

    I've been single for a few years now, and I'm wondering if anyone will come my way in the form of a permanent relationship anytime soon? I've been concentrating a lot on myself, including going back to school and finding a lot of inner peace, but now I'm ready for someone to be in my life so I can start the next chapter.

    I've dated a few guys here and there, but absolutely nothing serious. Just looking for some insight to see if anyone might come my way?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I rarely suggest this but for YOU it fits. You say you have been in a relationship mostly with YOURSELF for awhile and have gotten more close to who you are. I'm getting if this is true you are ready for an honest manifestation. Make it official and a sacred prayer with clear intention. First list what you now to be true about you. What keeps you healthy. What are your wounds. The best of you, the worst. What keeps you honest and what type of person tends to bring out the best in you. Then like a prayer on a nice piece of writing paper list what you want in a man. What you need in a man. Make the list of your dream man as long as you like. Fold it and put it in something nice....make it special.....keep it a little alter with happy things...stones, shells....make it meaningful. Light a cable near it often and reread it now and then, specially new moons. At night say a prayer stating you know the man who is best for you right now is out there and thank say you universe for working to bring us together. Give thanks as if it is already happened. Expect manifestation within 6 months. If some of your dream man's attributes require you to be his equal..... start setting goals a dream man will be looking being your best....him being his best. Be on equal ground. BLESSINGS!

  • that was ......and say thank you universe!

    sorry that read a ss backwards, a late night stutter. I'm going to bed!

  • Blmoon,

    I want to thank you for your advice. Shortly after posting that last post above, I started getting really busy with work and I didn't have a chance to login.

    Well, I guess it's been almost 6 months. I recently got in contact with a mutual friend, an Aquarius man, and I'm confused by his intentions. He seems to like talking to me, we've been on one date but he came out for my birthday last weekend as well....but then he will disappear and not talk to me for a few days. I know he had a bad breakup a few years ago, and I fear that he may not be over her still. I'm not sure what to think of him, lol.

    I made the first move and contacted him after my friend pushed me to do so. Do you see anything romantic with this guy? I really am looking for something more long term with any guy that comes into my life. I felt an immediate spark with this guy the first time I met him.

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