Will my new help me or hinder me?

  • Iv have just this new job at a homecare agency. This is my second week and so far iv got only 9 hours in of work. So far there isn't any full time clients for me. the agency says they have to get me multiple clients to get mw hours. but last week I did that for one day. I did 3 hours at one clients house and had to drive 21 miles to go to another client for 3 hours. After paying the gas in our gas guzzling truck I not sure how much of a profit I actually made. I know homecare can be tough like that, but iv been doing this for 8 years and never had this problem. Money is too tight, and this job is this the only place I could get a job after 5 months of trying. Is this going to get better soon? I don't know how much longer I can go like this. Im so far in debt and it feels like im going to get out

  • Two weeks is way too soon to expect a new job to show full potential. Often employers ease a new person in slowly and consider that a way to see how a person is going to work out. They look for issues and also give a person time to decide if they like the job. Think like an employer. When they hire they really don't know if a person is going to work out. Give it a few more weeks with your best effort and if they do not give you the hours then do speak up, in a professional manner tell the employer you are happy with the job but really need more hours. If they say not right now then ask for a definite time expectation. If they don't follow through on that promise then give them notice in a friendly manner on the grounds you need more hours. They will at least be a positive reference if you be honest with them and don't burn your bridges. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you for your support. They say that they are very impressed with me. and they have been trying to find me more clients. After 9 years as a home health aide, unfortunately this is how this business works, you get a client for 2 days with them and other days can be with other client somewhere else. and maybe a cpoule hour shifts, because it depends on what kind of care and schedule the client wants. they may only need someone 2 hours to fix them lunch and do dishes then you leave. I have got really lucky over the years I landed full time clients 5 days a week and had only 1 client for the week. I really cant afford to drive over town sporiadiclly to do couple hour shifts here and there. but this nature of the businees. But has my luck finally ran out? I cant get a job anywhere else iv been putting in application for 6 months and not one response. everything is online applications anymore and they dont even ask you about yourself, you just type in your contact info, work history, availability, etc.. Im in finacial dire straits and its only getting worse, and i dont know what else to do

  • What is your gut feeling....is it fear and impatience, one hundred percent? Or on a good day do you get the feeling this will pan out? On a positive note....it may take a bit for your reputation to build....former patients may start recommending you. The past job that was full time, was that a fast hour gain or did you get more hours gradually? Also , on a positive note at least you are working and a future company will find that a plus as it is harder to get hired if you do not have a job, and your employer will give you a good reference and understand you left for more hours. That is worth something. I do not believe your luck ran out at all. That's just fear. It is true that right now employers tend to give workers less hours but healthcare usually till flourishes no matter the economy. Luck is really preparedness meeting up with opportunity. Opportunity is unpredictable so it seems like luck but really opportunity is always ready to cross paths with you ...it's being prepared for it that makes it happen. Have your resume ready, with references and continue to listen for agencies that have a a bigger client base. Even if some rejected you before, try again. The best agencies are less likely to have openings and you may catch them at a "lucky" time. Dire straights only create negative events. It's the law of attraction. Feeling lucky, grateful, hopeful about abundance actually draws money to you. What you focus on creates the same.....you manifest what you worry about most. I know that is a hard one to manage! But it is true. Surely, you are not the only care worker in this predicament....reach out to others, ask around, it will at least be a positive action, showing you can do this and no, the universe did not just one day brand you no longer entitled to a decent job getting paid what you need. If you re also considering your spiritual growth this is a great time to empower yourself to use manifestation skills and intuition to raise your energy to entitlement and open to receive. Have patience...I think you will be fine within 6 weeks. BLESSINGS!

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