Question For All The Males On Here

  • Hi guys and thank you for reading this.


    Would ANY of you forward mails that were extremely private and for your eyes only to people who do not care much for under any at all circumstances?

    I ask you this because I am trying to figure out why any man would do such a thing. My gut says in my case it was a female behind it and not a man.

    I know very well men do not prioritize mails as women do which is why forwarding personal private for your eyes only mail to any shrew doesnt make sense.

    Thank you for replying this


  • hello CWB hope you are doing well. I haven't been here in awhile too much going on the last few months. You are right usually men do not care about mail. They look at it and then it is forgotten.

    More than likely it is a female behind this. She is trying to integrate herself for her own personal reasons into his life.

  • i found oiut it is his ex who is up to no good again!.

  • Be careful charming one! What kind of man ALLOWS a female to get away with such a thing, let alone access his e-mail. I realize that is why she is an x! He needs to change his password and I'm curious, if you and said male are close enough for private chats....why can't you just ask him "what the hey?". It was an invasion of privacy and sloppy on his end. Speak up for yourself to him as you have a right to be offended and you have a right to an explanation.. Good to see you back! BLESSINGS!

  • I did BlMoon. She hacked it and he has told her to never do it again or he will take seriously legal actions and cut her off. I strongly feel come new week he´ll change his will n cut her off, and legal actions will come short after that. She is already in n of violations in court. She is facing legal actions from court n judges alike.

    I have asked him in private yet no answer. I pray ill get one.

    glad to b back. hate the topic bc it hurt me bad, i had a strong physical health reaction to it all. Im not sure if i can demand actions taken. Still in thinkbox regard that


  • I bet!!! That is a deep invasion of privacy!!!! Her intention was very malicious and Karma will prevail. Anyone who received that forward who is of good heart will be outraged and have compassion for you....anyone else ...who cares as they do not matter! May Saint Michael raise his sword on your behalf and with great love! BLESSINGS!

  • thanx darlings

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