Leo Guy?

  • Last year I went to my friend's (Leo) birthday party (7/30). We used to work with each other many years ago. We have known each other 20 plus years. That night we ended up talking and having a really good time. As the night ended and people left, we snuggled on the couch and made out. We ended up falling asleep in each others arms. It was nice. Very unexpected. I left and we texted for the rest of the week. Towards the end of the week he said he wanted to have dinner and talk. So we did. Dinner was ok. But when we got back to his house. I saw him having a mental battle with himself. It felt like we were having a conversation with me, more like a couple that had been dating for months. He wasn't sure what he wanted. Blah blah. He told me i could hate him if I wanted to. The whole thing upset me because he is someone that I could have serious with.

    We stayed in touch but it was a little rocky for a bit. And then he came to visit family near me and we met and talked. He said he just wanted to keep it as friends. So we did.

    Not shortly after that, I started to date a Cancer guy. Which just ended two months ago.

    Even through we just keeping on a friends level, we still randomly text.

    Me and the Cancer guy were on a break. The Leo guy asked me to dinner. I went. He drove, opened car doors, told me how sexy I was, paid for dinner. Got back to his place, he rubbed my legs on the couch as we watched a movie. I did all my moves thinking he was going to kiss me. End of the night comes, he walks me to my car and hugs me. That was it.

    I flew from another city to come see him ( I fly for free). I drove back to my Mom's in a daze, trying to figure out just what happened.

    Time passes So we carried along and would text radomly still. And here and there he would sorta text me more prevocitave things. And I would reciprocate and then would have to catch myself because he made it clear he didn't want a relationship. So I did have to nicely tell him I dont talk to guy like that unless we are dating or in a relationship. He agreed. And it would stop. He will still time to time try to go there but I would just play stupid.

    About a month ago he kicked it up a notch with full on sexing. I did reciprocate, because I do have some feelings for this Leo.

    I really don't know what to think of this guy anymore?

    Can any Leo ladies or Leo Males shed some light on this?

  • What is his full birthdate? It sounds like he just wants a 'friends with benefits' relationship without any commitment or love.

  • 7/30/1973

  • I would have thought about him wanting to be friends with benefits but when we close to doing it, he is usually the one that stops it.

    So I don't know.

  • This guy needs plenty of space himself but demands loyalty from others. He is more focused on material than spiritual things. Practical and down-to-earth, he will set ambitious material goals and loves exploring all aspects of the physical world. Sensual and robust, he is mostly comfortable in his body, and his forceful, self-confident manner should take him to the top in his career. Money and status, and all the privilege and pleasure they can bring, matter a great deal to him. Yet he can be extremely generous with his material assets. In fact, one of the reasons he devotes so much energy to increasing his earning power is that he enjoys being able to offer material support to those close to him.

    Despite his morality, reliability and generosity, however, his target-orientated ambitions tend to exclude recognition of the importance of personal emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Unless he learns to cultivate an interest in his psychological growth, any victories he achieves in the material world will seem strangely hollow. Between the ages of twenty-three and fifty-three, there will be an emphasis in his life on practicality and, given that he is already biased toward the material, it is crucial that he tries to see beyond the material world he loves so much. After the age of fifty-four, there will be a turning point which for him will highlight a growing need for more intimate relationships, creativity and harmony. Above all, this man is motivated by a desire to achieve concrete progress in life, and he has all the determination and star quality he needs to succeed. His journey toward success, however, will be considerably happier and more rewarding if he can learn to appreciate and put a high value on the things in life that money can’t buy.

    Romantically, this man is warm, sensual and entertaining, and he will tend to have a very active social life. Once in a relationship, he can be incredibly loyal, dependable and supportive. He needs to be careful, however, not to neglect his partner or make them feel that they come a distant second to money, status and material gain. He must come to understand that happiness and success can only be experienced when all aspects of his life - his mind, body, heart, and soul - are in balance. In the end however, it may be that it is not a person that he is looking for but an environment or home where he can feel safe, protected and loved, somewhere he can feel free to be himself without judgment - or else he may be seeking someone who can provide that haven for him. He needs somewhere to escape to, some place he can go into hiding like a child when life gets too tough. His deep desire to be taken care of can lead him into a neverending search for security and a tendency to develop emotional dependencies on others. But he has to be willing to assume responsibility for himself and his own care. Looking for a mother figure will never work out for him, but he will keep looking for her until he realizes that he can take care of himself through manifesting more self-love.

    So though he may come on sexually to you, he will withdraw if you respond to him in the same way since he deep down wants a mummy, not a lover. He wants you to nurture him in a motherly fashion and can be turned off when you repond in a sexual way. He has very high standards in love. It's a sort of test he puts on you and he runs away the minute you do something his mum would never do. He wants a sexual partner and a mother - just not together in the same body. He compartmentalizes love very strictly with no overlaps unfortunately. If you are happy to play his mum, fine, but your sex life may suffer until this man grows up emotionally.

  • *** = sex

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