Broken Heart - help Blmoon

  • hi Blmoon,

    I hope you could give me some insight from spirit. I have had many changes in my life.

    For a while I haven't had a steady job but finally about three months ago I was hired by a great company. I'm trying to grow spiritually and be mature about things. Take on

    problems by the horn and confront it. Its been a challenge but I'm trying.

    I am very close with my sister, who I adore and love very much. she too had changes in her life a great job, just graduated from college, and she finally found a guy that treats her as she should be, respected, loved and cared for. I get a long well with her boyfriend, he's a great guy.

    Although I don't show much, But why do I feel so sad that these changes are occurting. My sister says I've been acting so emotional lately but I don't think so. Actually, I see

    her with a changed behavior as more short tempered and keeps to herself lately. Recently

    we had a major blow up/argument. I said some things she said somethings and now she's making very erratic extreme decisions one of which -she has broken up with her boyfriend and said she's dropping everything including work and preparation for grad school. She said she's had it and not care anymore. I don't know what to do. We've had arguments before but I've never seen her this way. she says she's always been that way, its just boiled over. She said she'll make

    me feel what real resentment is all about.

    Can you give me some insight from spirit about my situation, my sister now and in the future.

    I'm lost and broken hearted because the closest person to me hates and resents me for life. I feel

    like I've ruined two lives hers and her boyfriend all because of things that has been said and can

    never be taken back.


  • G-d should help U 😉

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