Three things cannot be long hidden...

  • Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

  • Truth is by consequence revealed but still must be chosen to be seen.....

    to be set free from the dark place it hides it's blind eye. Without gratitude even the sun and moon go unnoticed.

  • Hi, Blmoon, how are you?

  • I'm fine thank you. I miss connecting sometimes but Tarot is not the same. Still after a long absence here I am getting an urging to visit despite the changes. No one watching the thread and those sad ads on home page........Oprah crying with some secret shame....and Ellen crying with some secret shame. Is this the Enquirer or a spiritual haven? What happened here? Business? Too much sell out has attracted like wise energy. Lack of protection and caring has invited constant computer viruses snaking their way in. Negative energy taunts the blog with spam. Well that's my rant. Not to say this sight can be what you make it and good prevails. I'm here for somebody. How are you?

  • I am really great, finally growing into my true self.

  • Hello Captain,

    I always enjoy reading your postings. I don't always respond, but you always have something to say. I appreciate it.

  • Hi BlMoon,

    I certainly am glad to see you in here. I have been wondering about you and how you are. I haven't been here much because of the spammers, and I miss it. going to make the effort to be in here more often. Happy to see you. Love and Light.

  • Happy hello Sunshine! I think of you fondly. Hope you are running less on the hamster wheel and have found your cruising lane......complete with kick ass stereo......MUSIC is your friend and medicine! Blessings!

  • Captain

    Good for you! The universe has been inviting all of us to be authentic.......not everyone listens. I have been urged as well and enjoying that feeling of over the hump. Change is scary but change is good....change means progress. I look back a few months and realise how blind we can be to our own progress ....that place of still seeing our old self. A temptation to undervalue our self worth. I hate pulling that card ; )........the call to being authentic is a call to heal our world. Too much reality shows that are not.......too much following the latest trend.......too much corporate leading music and art etc etc. Such a fast pace life has become. Becoming your unique self is a challenge. It's almost as if you must find and enjoy again the bliss of your childhood and give up that fear of adult scrutiny and learn to love who you are. For me, it's a constant intention to live the knowledge that we receive from the universe the equal respect we honor our authentic selves! BLESSINGS!

  • BlMoon,

    life is less hectic, but I still have a little ways to go. Beginning to get back into my music. Kids are doing great. Logan sounds like Michael sometimes with his new deep voice, scared me a few times. Lauren is great too. Quite a character.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Bump!

  • Hello everybody 🙂

    Hadn't noticed anyone had answered my post...

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  • Hi everyone. For some reason, I haven't been able to get on the forum. I log into my act but the forum is unavailable. I got into my forum setting gs and this thread came up so I am posting here. Hope you all are doing well. Just popping in to say hello.

    Have a wonderful day. Love and light.

  • Hi all, I see we have more spam. Well, let's keep crowding them out!

    Love and light to you all!

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