His moon in my 12th house makes me feel striped

  • I was having a convo with my friend. And out of no where he says " You're a good person but their is something deceptive and manipulative about you, I don't know what it is , it's like always something underlying with you". Then he asked do you have anything to say about that? I said no you are intitled to your opinion he said no do you feel that way? I said no again. He then said I gotta keep my eyes on you! I'm open and ready ! He then asked me "Did I hear him?". Do you think he really feels that way or is he hinting that he wants me to confirm what he thinks all along which is I have feelings for him?"I don't know if he was insulting me or wants an confession? . I have never meet anyone like this ! He has his moon in my 12th house and my moon is in his 1st house. He is someone that truly Anger me, make me cry, turn my bad day into a good. He can also read my mind it's extremely intense something's . We both agreed and it's weird to us being we have both detached venuses his is Gemini mines is Aquarius. Sun signs Pisces/ his Cancer

  • If you give me both your full birthdates, I will try to see what is really going on here.

  • lol I doubled posted to get an astrology point of view. But my birthday is 03/05/1990 1:21am his is 3:23am 07/05/1990 both from NY

  • The two of you can learn much from each other - on the plus side, there is the skill of understanding others and acquiring conscious awareness, shared psychological interests, empathy, spiritual understanding, and patience and fortitude in the face of adversity. On the other hand, the minus side will produce resentment, jealousy, and a whole host of negative emotions. You are both searching for love and truth but your versions of them may be quite different. You Lilmisspretty need to be valued and wanted and adored for who you are, while your friend equates love with a person's monetary value. He thinks that the more money he has, the more he will be loved and worshipped. And that people with money are more attractive and lovable than poor people. His more forceful nature can overpower yours until you are willing to do anything - even illegal or dangerous things - to please him. The pursuit of unconventional and hedonistic interests and pleasures can outstrip the need for consideration and rationality in this relationship. It can be a temporarily pleasant love affair but it would ultimately degenerate into a nightmare.

  • I was looking back at your response is there a way to break down our synastry chart?

  • Maybe someone here on this forum can do that. I don't interpret charts.

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