Relationship Reading

  • Could I get a relationship reading? I know that I am young, but I am very uncertain of what to do in this situation.

    My DOB is 04/29/1994

    His DOB is 03/24/1993

  • The reason for my post is that we come from very different backgrounds. He wants to start a relationship and I feel connected to him, however I am unsure of whether we would be good for each other or cause each other more pain.

  • Lovelost, this combination works better as a casual type of relationship rather than a romantic one. This man might be motivated by a feeling of being inferior or stupid due to social, ethnic or racial prejudices that he has suffered in the past. So to him you might represent a step up socially, intellectually or culturally. The healthiest kind of relationship here does not involve any deep bonding or emotional soul-searching but instead shared pleasures. Your earthy voluptuous qualities can complement this guy's subtle hedonism, yet a casual relationship would be more enjoyable than one that demanded a deeper commitment. Being married or living together can prove problematic. This guy can be very moody at times, showing his anger and insecurity. He experiences intense highs and equally intense lows - he can be passionate one minute and give you the cold shoulder the next. You are a hard worker who needs a quiet home environment and this guy is too nervous, frenetic and emotional to give you rest. Furthermore, he may grow bored with your more unemotional approach and may tend to roam, failing to live up to his domestic and partnership responsibilities. Perhaps the main problem here is that this man may seek a deeper level of emotional involvement than you are prepared or able to give him. A light friendship where you share interests such as in food, travel, theatrical or musical performances, TV, a hobby or just plain doing nothing, will work best and cause the least stress and pain.

  • Thank you Captain. Do you have any idea of when I might come across someone that would be right for a relationship with me? Everyone around me is getting married young, having children, and I'm no where close to any of that. Not because i don't want that, the right person just hasn't been there.

  • You will find the right person when your motivation is love, not fear.

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