Are we compatible?

  • Me: 4/16/85 2:53am San Francisco, California

    Him: 5/29/82 San Salvador, El Salvador

  • If you enter into a love affair here, it will initially be quite exciting. But the tempo will slow as you get to know each other. Your friend will have trouble being faithful to you and you in turn will have little sympathy for his wandering. However the two of you do ground each other so a friendship or business partnership could be quite stable, although it would take quite a while to become so. For a love affair to work, you would have to be extremely understanding of your partner's need for constant change and not confine him at all. Your beliefs and principles will stimulate his curiosity, though in your inevitable debates, he can toss quite a few sarcastic or ironic barbs at you that will annoy or even wound you. Marriage is possible if you can tolerate a spouse with the need to move around a lot, and to flirt and prove himself attractive to other people, even after marrying you. Your partner needs a lot of freedom to be happy.

  • What would be the reason he would have trouble being faithful to me? I do see him flirt with everyone and I don't know if he is just a flirt or takes it to the next level. How many women are in his life right now, if any?

  • In a serious way - none. But it's hard for him to be seriously committed about love...

  • There's a new girl at our work and he is flirting with her like he did to me. He does it in front of my face like I don't even exist. He knows she has a boyfriend, and sometimes I feel like I've been replaced and old news to him. Does he just flirt with everyone and doesn't really have feelings for me? He will treat me like crap or ignore me in front of her and when she isn't around he will hug me. I feel used and led on. I don't see how marriage or even a relationship is possible because I am not going to take it to the next level because we work together and his interest seems to be wavering whenever the new girl is around. Do you really see him making the next move?

  • I did warn you about this in the reading.

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