Astra, can you pull some cards for me?

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are doing well. Since last chatting with you, things have smoothed over at work - whew! But you know how it goes, if it's not one thing, it's another. I was wondering if you could do a reading in regards to my relationship with my hubby? Thanks so much!

  • Hi faye

    yes all is well thank you and glad to hear about the work calming that is always nice

    and your concern there

    the 3 of Cups


    Okay now right there faye you see that 3 of cups may mean something to you and not to me? i can share my view on the 3 of cups however you may already have a pretty well established concept or idea about that card? What does it say to you? for a hubby relationship question?

    to me

    it would say "sharing about your play" which could be any sort of talk around anything fun and playful and that can be in the bedroom too - let me know if you need any sample script here for that haha - just kidding that is a nice card for relationship though?

    and then


    now - do you want to know what that card is in the tarot or would you rather not know and let me tell you what this card conveys - apart from the usual tarot term? (this is a fun little experiment!)'

    so let me know and then i will share more - however so far 3 of cups - seems very nice

  • Thanks Astra...LOL! I think we don't need any sample script for this..ha!

    Go ahead and tell me what you can about the beta-gamma card - I'm interested to know.

    I've also been having thoughts about wanting to try for another baby in the future...haven't discussed it with hubby but I'm feeling the same vibes he may want to do the same. I'm wondering if the cards might hint around to something of that sort. We have 2 boys already and I know he really wants a girl. Of course, there are no guarantees that the next would be but I feel if we were to try, it would be.

    Thanks again!

  • Okay

    ( to me ) the beta gamma is "play-share" meaning communication around play-house-children themes (generally all the bright happy family and fun in life settings) and twos are always nice couple cards so that sounds great to me - the 3 cups is share-play and this is play-share - so you see how they they are saying the same thing flipped around (in my own way which is become pretty simple) - so yes I get good vibes about all that too there is certainly communication and the play-house theme which is "lets talk family" and in your case it seems to be about another child - a girl too sounds like she would give the boys a someone to look out after

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