I don't know if he was insulting me or if he wanted an confession!

  • I was having a convo with my friend. And out of no where he says " You're a good person but their is something deceptive and manipulative about you, I don't know what it is , it's like always something underlying with you". Then he asked do you have anything to say about that? I said no you are intitled to your opinion he said no do you feel that way? I said no again. He then said I gotta keep my eyes on you! I'm open and ready ! He then asked me "Did I hear him?". Do you think he really feels that way or is he hinting that he wants me to confirm what he thinks all along which is I have feelings for him?"I don't know if he was insulting me or wants an confession? .

  • Hi lil. I would like to offer my opinion if I may.

    Someone who tells you that you are deceptive and manipulating and that they will keep an eye on you is not looking to throw compliments your way. He's looking for doormat to walk on once he's lowered your own self expectations.

    If you invite this person into your life you are inviting trouble.

  • I agree - that is not the talk or behaviour of a real 'friend'. He is putting you down. Also the behaviour we think we 'see' in other people is often mirrored in our own behaviour, so this man could be quite manipulative and deceitful himself. Beware!

  • I have to be honest and say this I do say underlying things to him . As hints because even though I have feelings for him. I'm sometimes unsure about him which causes me to keep my distance .i also think he said that because I told him he comes off a little immature when he's around me and talks about strangers , he can be judgemental . His defense we are all judgemental . I thank you ladies for your opinions / insite. Honestly words only hurt when you believe them; he is fully aware that's how I feel. But him being able to read me is soooo true ( his moon sign is in my 12th house).My issue is also I'm thinking he knows how I feel about him ...he's at the point where he wants be to say it. I think his words come from fustration. Especially since he has told me how he felt twice with also many ambigious comments

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