Love reading for indecisive

  • Hi there

    I wonder if someone could read for me on this new situation. He's a wonderful man and I can't make my mind up. Not sure whether its healthy intuition or defenses holding me back

    Me - 19th June 1975

    Him - 7th October 1969

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • This is better for friendship than love. It can be a great fun relationship, with the two of you sharing a love of subjects ranging from history to music to sports, plus having a special interest in food, cooking, clothing, and interior design. There needs to be a balance achieved here however, for the two of you can swing between inertia and hyperactivity. The greatest danger though is that following a sedentary and easygoing lifestyle, coupled with a love of eating, can be a prescription for disaster if taken too far. There will be problems with direction and motivation for both of you - perhaps you two can find the strength to give sense and purpose to your activities within the relationship itself or else follow some ideology, person or group that will provide these things. But you both need to find motivation and inspiration within yourselves and not look for anyone else to give it to you. Giving an outward drive to the relationship may help to save the two of you from overweight or clogged arteries. It is essential for both of you to work out, swim or take long walks together. Yet still the relationship may struggle to know where it is going, and a casual but affectionate relationship is perhaps the best that can be achieved.

  • Thankyou for this and for the question you answered in the other forum. Both were very helpful in pushing me to make the decision I was avoiding, but feel calm again after having made it.

  • Good for you!

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