Astra, can I have a reading

  • Hi Astra,

    how are you? Its been a while.... I would love some of your guidance if you dont mind... recently my best guy friend emailed me telling me about whats going on in his life. Considering the fact that we had a big fight before and hadnt spoken for almost a year, I was quite surprised... I responded. and never heard from him again.. and its been a month. I am confused. Whats on his mind? Why isnt he emailing me back again? Will we re-connect sometime soon? Also, I am quite curious to know.. will he take the new job? He mentioned a job offer that was quite tempting.. but he wasnt sure since its far away from his family.. Anyway, am looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Astra

  • Hi hll! nice to hear from you

    hey i looked at ten cards and what I basically get for you is "i don't know what he is thinking I can only see you" and that YOU need to do some communicating with him

    you have no swords at all anywhere so you need get talking with him

    call him up or txt him and ask to meet up for coffee and see what he says?

    that is basically it

    the lovers underneath you so you have something going on here it seems that is nice!

    how does that sound? i had other stuff I wrote down however that seems to be the main thing reach out and share with him - you need to be talking more is what i get

    best - astra

  • of course i am a total romantic too hll so i may be giving you some emotional responses there - sri can't help it 🙂

    go ahead and email him and tell him

    Dear Joey

    I wanted to tell you in person however i just can't wait

    I love you so much and I would love to see you again


    your best secret


  • i will be honest with you hll i am probably not going to be of much help with these sorts of relational concerns (what is she thinking what is he thinking sorts of questions)

    Because I have use the cards so much for myself simply as a sort of personal "what areas am I working with in my personal life" and trying to learn how to walk a balanced and considerate life path - so I don't really ask those sorts of questions in general (although I do very rarely and they never amount to much - whatever "she" thinks doesn't ever seem to translate to anything any different in life) - anyway just trying to be honest there

    now - were you to come to me and say "hey what am I dealing with in life right now" in a general sense then we could probably begin to trace out some patterns with you and that can lead to more self-understanding and that will help you where you live

    like i said though i am a poetic sort too in a way and i would love love to see people get together and have wonderful love lives and all - it is just that I really don't want to be telling people what to do - I really shouldn't do that you have to make your own choices - so ignore what i said about talking to "him" or emailing - that is something I might do! - not you though you have more class than me hahah

    however I did get that you could benefit from talking more or sharing with your world somehow

    sri i am all over the map here I haven't been too active here in a while so good luck making any sense of what i say

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