7 of Wands Devil Queen Swords; 4 Wands

  • This layout is drawn with the intent to gather incite into a main event or influence of a day. The 4th card is to be incite into the outcome/tone of the event. The triad (3 cards) describe the event and or influence. The spread is done with intent that the presented influence/event will reach the client's visual or audio perception. Certain events/influences can happen at a distance but then be later on an effect on the client. The client may also receive a message about the event/influence. This form of tarot is more of a predictive form of reading. Since there is no specified question; it can be quite challenging.

    The overall 'vibe' of the first three cards (event/influence) seems as if there is a defiance involving more than one person but there are forces that make this defiance greater than what was first perceived. I sense that the traits of the queen will be needed to overcome but the traits of the queen also suggest that the situation may provoke a sense of bittersweet. The 4 of wands does seem to reduce the amount of 'bitterness' that the person may suffice, as the result/tone being 4 of wands, may indicate a conclusion or commencing but on a positive.

    Any other incite welcome. I am also open to adding any incite into a card combo that you have as well.

    Thank you.

  • The clients visual as in sight or audio perception. I am unsure why visual was *****

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