Beginner offering readings

  • Hi MissyMill,

    So glad you are taking pacing yourself and taking the time that you need to stay in balance! It is so important and should be your first priority 🙂

    Yes I am still watching the thread and patiently waiting your insights 🙂

    Light and Love surround you,


  • Hi missymill,

    if you have time sweetheart can i please have a reading too? Its about a relationship that i have and its coming to a stand still. Can you please tell me what are the issues with him and what do i have to do to understand him? am i the problem or is he. thank you for your kind offer. Effie

  • Hi TT! I am glad you are watching and understand my silence. I am awake and feeling very energized tonight, so I am glad you responded. There are some similarities in my situation which is not all that pleasant at the moment, so I hope that energy does not interfere. Or perhaps these similarities provide the connection. Please let me know how everything resonates with you.

    In regard to JB, It seems that you need to release yourself from this so that it does not hold you back in your budding connection with KM. As you move forward, trust your instincts. Be aware of any red flags or concerns that arise. You will need to address them rather than ignore them. Sometimes we can get caught up in the nostalgia of past relationships and envision a connection that may not really be there. I am not saying that is the issue, but just be watchful of that and be sure that what you think is happening is real. I feel that you should be wary of one sided relationships. I think this may be what happened with JB. I am getting that you put more into the relationship than he did. You were more committed and wanted more than he was willing to put into it. That does not mean that he did not care about you, he just did not want to put forth the effort of maintaining a relationship. Perhaps there were manners of behavior that may have pushed him away, and it was just easier for him to let it go gradually, rather than talk about it and find closure. I sense that He is perhaps missing the way you illuminated his life, but he still is not ready for anything serious with anyone.

    KM seems to be a good guy, but he is hesitant to move too quickly. It is best to enjoy the blossoming friendship, but do not push for things that he may not be ready for. Keep things light and fun. Stay focused on yourself and making time to do things you like to do even if he is not a part of it. You will find that you are happier doing this and he will be more intrigued by you knowing that you enjoy your own company. This will bring about more fulfilling romantic relationships.

    As far as career and finance, it is important to keep a positive frame of mind. Avoid discouraging thoughts. You will find joy in your career as you grow spiritually. Perhaps this is where you need to focus your energy. Answers regarding your career and finances will come through meditation. You will have opportunity to improve upon your plans if you listen to your intuition. This will bring accurate guidance. Face any fears you have had in moving forward with your career and you will grow stronger. Essentially, if you are happy in your career, it will bring about success, therefore find a way to do what you love and finances will improve.

    Hope this helps! love, light, and prosperity to you.


  • Hi Gino26,

    It appears that maybe you are not connecting in the same way. Perhaps you both want different things. I get the sense that your energies are not compatible. One of you is more energetic than the other. I believe it is you. It is important that you continue to keep yourself busy. Fill your life with things that make you happy. Try not to worry so much about the relationship. If it has run its course, you may part as friends and you will learn something important from it. If you try too push things forward, he will continue to withdraw. Be patient with his limitations. Give him time to be inspired to seek out your attention. Take a step back and let him move toward you.

    It can be very difficult and frustrating wanting something that just isn't working. Maintain self control with determination. Understand that all things happen for a reason and releasing any regrets will allow you to embrace happiness.

    Let me know how this resonates with you.

    Love and Blessings!


  • Hi Missy

    I am still around, but can see you're a wee bit overloaded with requests! Take your time though; I know I have the answer myself but it's very hard to know these things for yourself and buggered if I can dig it out lol!

    Anyway, see what you come up with! Good luck with it all. And remember to not only trust what you get, but also to brush off the energy of all of us you're tapping into. That is something I've forgotten to do sometimes and it can affect you!




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  • Hi Missy,

    I'm still here as well. New questions on Page 4.

    Please take care of your stuff first, and then these others who have made requests.

    I can wait 🙂

    Thanks for your generosity.

    Love and light to you!

  • Hi Missy,

    I am still here too with my reply and follow up on page 3 at the bottom and dated July 2. When/if you get to it. Thank you for that.

    Missy wishing you your hearts desire.

    Thanks for your time and for being so giving, responsible and humble.

  • I'm still here Missy Mill! Take your time and take care if yourself!xx

  • MissyMill hello! I am also still here.

  • Hi MissyMill,

    Thank you so much for your love, light and your energy!

    You are straight on point relative to JB 😞 The confirmation that you give aches a bit, but it is why I have chosen to move on. Started out with an intense force then fizzled out as, yes, I began to want more, but he too was from my past and I am certain that we have a Karmic connection that unfortunately I believe has not fully been fulfilled, but that will have to occur in another lifetime as I am set to have a conversation this weekend to fully break off. It is the best thing for me and I am more certain of that as of late; I am grateful for the teaching obtained though as I have learned a TON about myself through this encounter; mostly what I don't want/desire in a relationship 🙂

    However with KM, my experience is very different than what you may have perceived:) This has grown to be an extremely intense, mutual 8th House Astrological connection, that is stronger that either of us have ever known, but have always sought for and desired based upon a solid friendship as a foundation to build on (not s-e-x-u-a-l); neither of us have ever had it this way but always wanted it; so we are off to a beautiful beautiful mutually fulfilling start! He too was from my past and sought after me very hot and heavy but I was with another; although I was very attracted to him as well; difference now is that I'm unattached and I have surrendered. I could kick myself for not making a different choice years ago where he is concerned; we have extreme compatibility and mutual goal, dreams & aspirations. And you are right he is a very 'Good Guy' 🙂

    MissyMill, might you have any additional insight into how this conversation in a couple of days might go with JB in an effort to orchestrate an official "closure"? I'm somewhat nervous about it.

    Light & Love,


  • hi MM, thanks for the update. am here. check in once every day. looking forward to hearing from u.

    take care!

  • oh, and my question is on page 1

  • Hello Hll! I think you have waited longer than anyone, and I truly appreciate your patience. It seems that lost love is a recurring theme in my interactions with people lately. The name Jordan, is coming to mind. Is this his name? I am just curious as to my accuracy in this respect. I sense that this person we call J, is very career focused. He does not really want to allow time for romantic relationships as he aspires to make the most of life through his career. This is where he finds self-validation. There are times when he thinks of you and appreciates the memories and the times you shared together. I think he would like to reconnect, but it would only be to catch up and enjoy each other as old friends. He is unbending in his quest for success, and will not entertain the idea of a romantic relationship.

    I hope this helps. Let me know how it fits and if you have any questions. I will try and get back to you soon

  • hi MM, thanks so much for the reading. His name is not Jordan, but his first name did start with letter J. Somehow, I can relate to what you said. Well, am not interested in being his friends.. if thats what he wants.. but will see how it plays out in the eventually.

    I know you are busy, and have a lot of reading requests on here.. but when u do have time, and when its my turn, I would love to know sth about my near future.. whatever u pick up. Thanks!

  • Dear MissyMill,

    I was just wondering if you are still doing readings, if you would possibly do one for me please? Any info you want to share is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Hi MissyMill,

    Still around :-). I can see you're busy so whenever you get a chance it's fine.

    Thanks so much.



  • Wow! You have all been so patient with me. I would have given up by now. I have a little bit of time before heading off to work so will do the next reading for the person who has been waiting the longest. Bless you all for your positive energy, it has made a tremendous difference in my life in lieu of my situation.


    You are next on my list. You asked about love or your job. I sense that you feel unstable as far as your job is concerned. This makes you unhappy and worried about your future lively hood. I am getting a sense of unfair practices. You may be worn down by the circumstances and tired of the daily battle you feel you have to fight to keep your job. However, you must continue to fight for justice and equality. Continue to be cautious in your actions in order to protect your employment, but seek out ways to incite changes and bring about more fair opportunities for everyone. You have allies who will assist you. You may need to seek them out, but they are there and feel the same as you do, but they are also worried about keeping their jobs, and are afraid to speak out or act work in retail, which is a difficult environment as the goal for all is to grab every last dollar possible. This will make your fight difficult, but with perseverance, changes will be made in your favor.

    You have the ability to nurture those around you. This is a spiritual gift, and I sense that your purpose in this lifetime is to bring healing to others. You do this through your perspective and your ability to see the beauty in every situation. You are known for giving practical and wise advice to others. Step outside of your situation and consider the advice you would give to another in your situation.

    As far as love, it is time to make a decision. You need to clarify what you want and then take action. This may require some time away from anyone that you are considering a relationship with. I get the sense that you have been single for a while and the opportunities for love at hand are not exactly what you are looking for. You have to decide if it is worth settling and compromising your dreams for this person. What ever you decide, be true to yourself and the future you desire. This may be a relationship that suits you for a while, but not the one you are destined for.

    Take some time for you... a weekend away all to yourself, perhaps. Let me know how all this fits, I wish you serenity, Love, and light!


  • MissyMill, thank you very much! I think you got right things.

    I had some troubles in my job, was laid off in past, than i had long time of unemployment, and finally through my friend i found a temporary job as teacher (although this is not my major i got during study), i worked this spring, and in summer they offered to employ me, and at first they told me to fill and sign all the job documents in june, but than postpone it till september, so i am worried if they really will employ me, Because there are many people who want to work there. I understand you when you suggest that i should be more cautious, probably i should not tell everyone about this job opportunity, until i am not employed, but i already told my friends about that((. Other allies, i am not sure but they are probably other teachers with whom i worked, Probably during my job in spring some teachers liked me and some not.

    You talk about nurturing and i think this is coincides with my job.i never thought i would be a teacher, things just happened this way, i need a job, but i though i would work in finance (this is my major and i still want to be there).. and i don't know if it is right for me to work as a teacher some time, is it my job? I am in a constant doubt.

    And about love, i am single right now, and i don't have any admirers (at least i think so), but you got probably my memories from past about one man, with him came disappointment, but in past i wanted to be with him.

  • MissyMill taking your reading into account do you think that it could mean that my employment there is under question because of other candidates?

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